Field Hospital

A field hospital; is a trailer or truck-based hospital unit designed to be used in the military, in disaster areas, where immigrants live, or where health services are insufficient. Vertisa has been serving worldwide for more than 30 years in the field of field hospital manufacturing. With its innovative point of view and solution-oriented approaches, Vertisa brought together all the critical components required for users and achieved great success in the production of expandable field hospitals based on user needs. In the field of Vertisa, mobile field hospital, which determines customer satisfaction as the main vision within the framework of greatest space efficiency, full functionality, and affordable costs; It produces emergency field hospital trailer or truck, army field hospital(trailer or truck), level 2 trailer field hospital and others on a high-quality project basis.

  • Field Hospital

    Vertisa Project-Based Field Hospital

    Project-based field hospital; It is developed by Vertisa to provide uninterrupted health services to the sick and injured in situations such as natural disasters and wars. Vertisa, which always focuses on user needs and expectations in the field of a project-based field hospital, constantly updates each field hospital unit with its expert R&D group studies.

  • Field Hospital

    Vertisa Multi-Storey Field Hospital

    Multi-storey field hospital; They are container-based modular structures produced by Vertisa on a project basis. They are solutions developed for the continuation of public health services without interruption in cases of war or natural disasters.

  • Field Hospital

    Vertisa Military Field Hospital

    A military field hospital; is a hospital unit that is produced on a project basis, especially on a truck or trailer basis, suitable for use in the military field. Vertisa has been serving worldwide for 30 years in the production of a military field hospital, which can be shipped quickly and safely to the desired location.

  • Field Hospital

    Vertisa Level-2 Field Hospital

    A level-2 field hospital; is a compact and complex hospital unit used in military or disaster areas with a bed capacity of 20, 50, 100, and more. It can also be produced as a trailer-based or truck-based level-2 field hospital container.

  • Field Hospital

    Vertisa Emergency Field Hospital

    Emergency field hospital; was developed by Vertisa to provide uninterrupted health services in the military or disaster areas. Emergency field hospital units are ready-to-use units that can be transported easily and quickly to any desired location. All units necessary for them to be self-sufficient are included in the units.