modular laboratory

Vertisa Modular Criminal Research Lab Unit

A modular criminal research lab unit; is a container-based unit developed to collect evidence in case of any forensic investigation. The modular criminal research lab unit, manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis in desired dimensions and features, is much more cost-effective states and has many more functional users. With the modular criminal research lab unit, fingerprints, blood tests, urine tests, ballistic tests and much more can be done.

Vertisa Modular Lab Unit

Vertisa is a specialist in the field of modular intensive care unit production. The modular intensive care unit is the optimal solution for emergency and life-threatening patients. Also known as panelized intensive care rooms. Thanks to this modular design, it is possible to get an effective treatment unit at affordable costs. Modular intensive care unit layout and design are very important for an effective treatment. Modular intensive care unit, which is customizable structures within the framework of needs, can be installed and uninstalled practically.