Expomed Eurasia raises the bar for hybrid fairs

The medical and health sector, which assumes critical responsibilities in the pandemic, will meet at the 28th Expomed Eurasia Fair on June 2-4, 2021. The 28th Expomed Eurasia, International Istanbul Medical Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment, Protection, Rehabilitation, Laboratory Product, Device, System, Technology, Equipment and Hospitals Fair to be organized as a hybrid fair approach, will host three important online events. Reed Tüyap Fairs General Manager Ali Muharremoğlu said, “We will develop our hybrid fair understanding further in this year’s Expomed Eurasia and introduce the industry with an innovative fair concept. We have made serious investments in digital transformation for five years, and now we go one step further and make all our business models suitable for digital environment.”

Expomed Eurasia, the most important medical and health sector fair of Eurasia region, will be held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on June 2-4, 2021. The fair organized with cooperation of Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers Association Federation (TÜMDEF) and its affiliated associations, Turkey Health Industry Employers’ Association (SEIS), and the Association of Health Care Products Manufacturers and Representatives (SADE) will be a meeting point for the sector. The heart of medical device and health sector, whose importance has increased with the critical role it assumed during the pandemic period, will beat at the 28th Expomed Eurasia Fair.  Expomed Eurasia, where all kinds of medical devices from masks to disinfectants, hospital beds, and equipment widely used during the pandemic will meet with visitors, will be held in hybrid form. Manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of hospital and medical facility management, orthopedics, physical therapy and rehabilitation, over-the-counter medicine (OTC), electro medical equipment, medical and laboratory technologies, consumables and disposable products will participate in Expomed Eurasia organized by Reed Tüyap Fairs Inc., one of Tüyap group companies.

“We have made important investment in digital transformation”
Giving information about the fair, Ali Muharremoğlu, General Manager of Reed Tüyap Fairs, said, “In 2021, we will organize Expomed in a brand new format and bring the medical sector together. We will further develop hybrid fair concept that we have laid the foundations of in the past years and introduce an innovative fair concept to the industry. As the exhibition industry, we were not indifferent to the world, which had to digitalize even more rapidly during the COVID-19 process. We have made serious investment in digital transformation for five years, and now we go one step further and make all our business models suitable for digital environment.”

“We established a distributor finding platform”
 Ali Muharremoğlu said, “We are strengthening our Expomed Fair with thematic online events in line with our hybrid fair understanding that we have implemented comprehensively this year,” and gave the following information about online events to be held simultaneously with the fair: “Our online event, which will take place simultaneously with the fair, will be the Distributor Days on June 2-4. Our Expomed Fair is not only a product trading platform, but also a meeting point where participating companies can establish their distributorship networks and further develop their existing business networks by exploring new markets. In this respect, participating companies will have the opportunity to find representative offices in brand new regions and countries while international companies will find new business partners which will represent them in Turkey and surrounding territories in this three-day event, which will be held through Business Connect Program, focusing solely on distributorship negotiations.”

Expomed is now stronger with online events
Reed Tüyap Fairs Inc. will bring the participating companies of Expomed Fair together with the right potential business partners and customers on an online platform through Business Connect Program. Within scope of Expomed Eurasia Hybrid+, there will be 3 main online events via online Business Connect Program. The first of these will be the Hospital Days, which will take place on 26-27 May 2021. In this online B2B event, participating companies with a range of products and services in the field of hospital infrastructure and supplies, electro-medical devices and equipment, medical consumables and products such as non-prescription food supplements and vitamins will come together with the right buyers for two days on the online platform. 

3-months business interview opportunity in 3-days fair
Reed Tüyap, as a part of its new generation fair organization approach, will not limit the business meetings at Expomed Eurasia to only fair days, but will extend this period to a much longer period. Company’s General Manager Ali Muharremoğlu said, “Between June 9 and September 9, 2021, it will be possible for our participants to make “online business connections” with their customers through the Business Connect Program. In this way, we will be able to provide our participants and visitors with a fair experience in digital environment for an extended period of 3 months after the fair.”

“We have already taken all our precautions”
Reed Tüyap will take all necessary precautions required by the Ministry of Health regarding indoor areas at Expomed Eurasia, as in other fairs it organizes, and will fully implement international standards related to COVID-19 in its fairs. Saying that Tüyap Fair and Congress Center which was awarded with the first COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate by Turkish Standards Institution, Muharremoğlu continued his speech as follows: “Last year, Expomed Fair, which took place under strict biosecurity measures, performed well above our expectations. Our exhibitors left the fair very satisfied. The health of all our stakeholders has always been a priority for us. For this reason, we have already taken all our precautions in the field for our Expomed Fair, which will take place on 2-4 June 2021.  We have an expert delegation to implement all issues such as HES code* query, mask requirement, number of people per square meter in a way that will affect the comfort of our exhibitors and visitors at minimum level. In addition, we maximize the experience of our exhibitors and visitors in the fair area with contactless fair approach. We have an infrastructure that will digitalize all our processes, from visitor registration to stand setup, and perform all necessary operations with zero contact in minimum time.”