Thanks to Mobile (Portable) Clinics, Health Services Have Came to Citizens

Due to the rapidly increasing health demands, the healthcare world is trying to understand the problems of today to determine the future. Planning focused on reaching patients faster ensures the development of technologies in this area. These innovative trends will drive patient care away from established clinics and hospitals, while improving service quality and reducing overall costs.

In this context, especially portable clinical models come to the fore in mobile health structures. These clinics can be easily moved and transported to the usage area, and they can be set up in a short time like 1-2 hours and ready to serve.

Mobile Dental Clinics

Mobile hospitals and clinics are made according to the desired features in line with the demands. Mobile dental clinics, which are among the clinics that serve as mobile, are one of the most important mobile tools for dental health screening and examinations. These clinics aim to provide services to people who want to benefit from dental health services, but who have difficulty in reaching hospitals, without leaving their location. For all these reasons, mobile dental clinics have an important place in the fight against dental diseases.

Mobile Dialysis Units

Mobile dialysis units are practical unit structures that provide on-site health care. The aim here is to ensure that the treatment reaches them completely for people who are undergoing dialysis treatment but have difficulty in going to the hospital during treatment. Mobile dialysis units are equipped with medical devices for medical interventions.

Mobile Cancer Screening Units

Cancer screening is very important for early diagnosis and treatment. Mobile cancer screening units are established in order to increase the number of these screening programs and to reduce premature deaths due to cancer by providing access to people in remote areas. Many mobile cancer screening units located in provinces, districts, towns and villages appear as one of the most important steps in the fight against cancer.