What are the Features of Field Hospitals? How Much Are Installation Costs?

Field hospitals are temporary hospitals that aim to provide healthcare services to victims in epidemics, war, floods and earthquakes, where healthcare needs are most essential. Especially in crowded cities, when a disaster is encountered in which transportation to the hospital becomes impossible, they can be set up immediately and start working in order to reduce the losses in predetermined safe areas. The purpose here is; to serve as emergency and referral hospitals especially in times of disaster when narrow streets are closed with debris due to bad construction, there are no suitable runways for helicopters trying to transport medical supplies or patients, and access to private hospitals stuck in side streets becomes impossible.

Features of Field Hospitals
Field hospitals can provide service for 48 hours in emergency cases and for 15 days in advanced treatment cases. In cases where it is required to be used longer, it is possible to use them for two months to two years or even longer. In their structure,

• Identification of support units; having water tank and generator

• Controlling the communication network and placing the satellite system

• Eliminating the need for lighting

• Having heating and ventilation

• Expandable containers

• Inclusion of operating rooms and intensive care units

It is important in terms of providing safe service.

Field Hospital Installation Cost

The cost of establishing a field hospital, depending on the size of the epidemic or disaster; It varies depending on the units and departments that should be in the body, the materials to be used and the quality of these materials. Matters such as the intensive care unit, patient dormitory section, medical devices to be used will determine the price.