What are the Features of Mobile Hospitals? How Much Does a Mobile Hospital Set Up Cost?

Today, innovative technologies have been developed and used in many countries in order to enable patients to benefit from health services under all conditions. In this way, the spread of epidemic diseases was prevented, emergency interventions could be made faster after natural disasters, and medical health services could be delivered to the most remote places. Mobile hospitals are one of the leading technologies that offer health and safety solutions in these times of crisis. Thanks to these hospitals, a wide service network is provided to meet the expanded health services and the control and treatment needs of all citizens.

Mobile Hospital Features

Mobile hospitals are emergency hospitals that can be transported. It is produced in the desired features in line with the demands and installed in a short time.

• Communication infrastructure

• Satellite system

• Support units

• Water tank and generator

• Fully equipped pharmacy, laboratory, triage  and radiology areas

• Expandable container operating room

• Expandable container insentive care unit

• Required conditions for lighting, heating and ventilation

It is among the features that should be in a mobile hospital. If these features are provided and controls are made, it will be possible to start treatments in these hospitals as soon as possible.

Mobile Hospital Installation Price

When establishing a mobile hospital, it is important to clarify the requested capacity, size and other features. After these features are determined, different prices are offered by the companies and competitive pricing is in question. Mobile hospital installation will be carried out with a very affordable budget, and the prices vary according to the companies and the quality of the materials used during the installation phase.