Vertisa Emergency Field Hospital

Emergency Field Hospital

Emergency field hospital; was developed by Vertisa to provide uninterrupted health services in the military or disaster areas. Emergency field hospital units are ready-to-use units that can be transported easily and quickly to any desired location. All units necessary for them to be self-sufficient are included in the units. The emergency field hospital, which is designed within the framework of the health sector and other user options, is produced in high quality by Vertisa. Optionally, it can be produced on a project basis in trailer-based, truck, or modular structures.

Where is Emergency Field Hospital Used and What are its General Features?

Fast and practical solution for the sustainability of health services in undeveloped areas, military areas, or regions where natural disasters are experienced; emergency field hospital units. These portable units, designed to include all necessary units for emergencies, show high performance in all climates and road conditions. From the operating room, it can have clinics belonging to specific specialties. Bed capacity is determined according to need.

Emergency Field Hospital Trailer

An emergency field hospital trailer; is a trailer-based unit that is produced at a level that can show high performance in all kinds of terrain and climate conditions. It is possible to bring together clinics belonging to various medical specialties. A single emergency field hospital trailer has the necessary equipment such as a kitchen, generator, and water facility and can be used independently. Emergency field hospital trailer capacity is determined according to user demands in length, width, and height;

  • 10 beds
  • 20 beds
  • 50 beds
  • 100 beds
  • It can be 250 beds and many more.

Emergency Field Hospital Truck

An emergency field hospital truck; is a hospital unit that is produced by being fixed on a motor vehicle. The dimensions can be stretched out of the standards. Depending on the need, it can include clinics belonging to various fields of expertise. It has various equipment such as water, electricity, and internet. It can be used easily in all climatic conditions. It can be used by war, natural disasters, or social aid organizations. A more complex portable sanitary facility can be created by bringing together more than one emergency field hospital truck.

Vertisa in Emergency Field Hospital Manufacturing

In the field of emergency field hospital manufacturing, Vertisa has been providing worldwide service in Turkey for 30 years. The emergency field hospital, which is constantly updated by the expert R&D group based on the end user specifications, has gained real functionality. Continuing its emergency field hospital manufacturing works on a project basis, Vertisa can include cardiology, urology, orthopedics, psychiatry, and much more into the emergency field hospital, depending on the need. The basic units; It has units such as an intensive care unit, operating room, examination room, waiting room, and staff rest room. The field hospital, which is manufactured as a trailer or truck, can also be built as a single-storey or multi-storey modular type according to preference.

Emergency Field Hospital Company

The main starting point for an emergency field hospital company is to provide fast and practical solutions to user needs. Vertisa, which provides emergency field hospital production to be used in the field of health services, which is especially important in the military field or disaster areas, has become an emergency field hospital company that receives demands from many countries. It owes this success to its innovative and modern approach, as well as its 30 years of experience with its experienced and expert team. The lightweight, portable and cost-effective emergency field hospital, which is increasingly used around the world, optimizes the continuity of healthcare services. You can contact us immediately to examine our emergency field hospital project works and to get more detailed information on this subject.