Vertisa Project-Based Expandable Trailer

Project-Based Expandable Trailer

Project-based expandable trailer is portable mobile units developed by Vertisa in line with sectoral and user needs. The project-based expandable trailer can be designed as a hospital clinic, a commercial office, a home, or a catering unit according to user demand. With its customizable project-based expandable trailer expandable feature, it increases working efficiency by offering a wider area of ​​use for every sector.

What is a Project-Based Expandable Trailer? (h2)

Project-based trailer is a trailer based on mobile units developed by Vertisa on a sectoral basis. It can be easily transported to different areas where needed and is immediately ready for use. The climatic conditions of the requested country are taken into account during the projecting and manufacturing stages. The project-based expandable trailer, which is produced from a long-lasting and high-quality materials general structure, can be controlled with hydraulic control, and its installation is completed without causing much loss of time.

Project-Based Expandable Trailer Installation

Project-based expandable trailer installation can be installed by only one person in a short time. Trailer-based mobile unit installation that appears in standard sizes, without physical effort, thanks to the hydraulic remote control;

  • First of all, the expandable trailer is positioned in a suitable area.
  • One or more options on the hydraulic remote control are determined and pressed.
  • The expandable trailer, which is expanded from the sides in minutes, installs itself in the desired new dimensions and thus becomes ready for use.

Project-Based Expandable Trailer Applications

Project-based expandable trailer application areas developed by Vertisa and customizable;

  • Expandable clinic trailer
  • Expandable dental clinic trailer
  • Expandable lab trailer
  • Expandable operation trailer
  • Expandable hospital trailer
  • Expandable office trailer and much more.

Vertisa produces the project-based expandable trailer in line with its intended use and user demands. Vertisa, which integrates its long years of experience with smart technology, continues to provide services worldwide in the production of expandable trailers that provide the greatest space and most efficiency.

Project-Based Expandable Trailer General Features

Project-based trailer produced by Vertisa in line with sectoral needs;

  • It is economical.
  • Its installation is very practical.
  • Easily portable.
  • It can be customized according to any need.
  • It is produced from long-lasting, high-quality materials.
  • It has a hydraulic expandable system.
  • It is controlled by hydraulic remote control.
  • It can be adapted to all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions.
  • It has the largest space efficiency.

Project-Based Expandable Trailer Company

The basic vision for a project-based expandable trailer company is to produce sustainable industry needs. Customer satisfaction, ease of use, and affordable prices are the main criteria of the expandable trailer company’s mission. Within the framework of this vision and mission, Vertisa has a completely solution-oriented approach to the production of innovative and modern expandable trailers for all kinds of needs. Thanks to its fast, safe and modern production approach, Vertisa has become a globally recognized expandable trailer company. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get a quote about the expandable trailer you need for any purpose for any sector and to get to know our sample project works.

Project-Based Expandable trailer Manufacturing

Project-based expandable trailer manufacturing includes trailer manufacturing works that are constantly updated and customized based on end-user needs. Vertisa continues its solution-oriented expandable trailer manufacturing activities in Turkey with its expert R&D group and professional production team. It has completed project-based expandable trailer works that it has received from many countries. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the project-based expandable trailer for any use in health, education, commercial, or military.