Vertisa Expandable Clinic Trailer

Expandable Clinic Trailer

Vertisa transformed mobile clinics into expandable clinic trailers by equipping them with smart technology within the framework of the general needs of the healthcare industry and the basic needs of healthcare professionals. Different clinics can be included in a single expandable clinic trailer, as well as brought together in more than one expandable clinic trailer, providing the opportunity to provide more complex healthcare services. Vertisa customizes the expandable clinic trailer entirely from user specifications and brings together all critical components.

Advantages of Expandable Clinic Trailer for Users (h2)

Some of the many advantages that the expandable clinic trailer, developed by Vertisa with a solution focus, provides to its users;

  • Expandable clinic trailers can be easily transported to any area needed.
  • It is much more economical than other clinics.
  • Its installation is very practical.
  • They are ready-to-use units.
  • It is very practical to clean and disinfect.
  • It has all the facilities that a fixed clinic should have.
  • Dimensions can be customized according to user demands.
  • It can be used in any climate and terrain.
  • Thanks to its expandable feature, it provides a much wider working environment.
  • A single container clinic can contain different clinics, or it can be used by combining many container clinics.
  • Expandable clinic trailers/containers are fully integrated structures.

Expandable Trailer Installation

Designed as a clinic trailer, the expandable trailer is controlled by hydraulic remote control. It is enough for the expandable trailer, which is designed to be used clinically, to reach its new dimensions, by pressing the appropriate option from the different options on the remote control by only one person. Within minutes, the expandable trailer extends outward from the side walls and easily reaches the desired width. Thus, a larger and more spacious clinic environment is obtained for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Expandable Modular and Containers

Expandable modular and container is transformed into a very comfortable clinic by Vertisa upon request. More than one clinical container is used as a clinical module and various healthcare services are delivered in a wider area. The extensibility of each module or container is another advantage. Expandable modular and containers are units ready to serve as easy-to-install clinics, each of which can also be used independently. For more detailed information about Expandable modular and containers, you can contact Vertisa’s expert technical team immediately.

Expandable Container Clinic

Vertisa has completed the production of an expandable container clinic equipped with smart technology for national and international healthcare institutions and organizations. Thanks to the fully integrated expandable container clinic, it has designed and developed these lightweight, easy-to-carry container clinics to provide on-site health services to regions where there is no war, natural disaster, or health infrastructure work. Expandable container clinics, which are designed completely according to user needs, are brought to the desired width in minutes with hydraulic remote control and they are immediately ready for use.

Expandable Clinic Manufacturing and Expandable Clinic Trailer Company

The main objectives of expandable clinic manufacturing and expandable clinic trailer company are to carry health services comfortably and practically for every region where it is needed and to complete this service completely. All the requirements of both healthcare professionals and patients are important specifications for Vertisa. Vertisa produces expandable clinic trailers on a project-based basis, within the framework of all requirements. This clinic trailer, which is ready for immediate use, satisfies the users in every way with its expandable feature. With its 30 years of experience and expert staff, Vertisa has completed expandable clinic trailer projects for many countries.