Vertisa Expandable Container

Expandable Container

An expandable container is a container unit that is fully customizable in accordance with the customer needs and suitable for use in medical, commercial or military fields. Thanks to its expandable features, it provides utmost space efficiency to its users. Expandable containers are produced on a project basis with the opportunity to be comfortably used in all kinds of terrain and climate conditions.

What is an Expandable Container? (h2)

Expandable containers are ready-made, customizable units for different purposes of use in the medical, commercial and military fields. Vertisa produces expandable containers providing the greatest efficiency to its customers by integrating its container manufacturing experience with technology. Expandable containers can be expanded in desired dimensions with hydraulic control from both sides, thus offering its users ease of use with reasonable prices.

Practical Installation of Expandable Containers (h3)

Expandable containers manufactured based on the customer needs are compact when transported. The containers delivered to a suitable place are placed on the ground using hydraulic cylinders. After the rollers are extended longitudinally from the sides, they are placed flat on the ground by means of hydraulic remote control. Within minutes, expandable containers can be expanded outside from the sides in desired dimensions. Thus, the container is ready for use within the framework of the greatest space, most comfort, and greatest efficiency.

Expandable Container Applications

Expandable containers are in structures that can be customized around the specifications of different industries. With its fast, high-quality, and solution-oriented approach, Vertisa produces the most modern expandable container for every need. Expandable container applications are;

  • Expandable container home
  • Luxury expandable containers house
  • Expandable lab container
  • Expandable healthcare container
  • Expandable military kitchen container and more.

Expandable Container Manufacturing

Expandable container manufacturing starting point is always sectoral needs and user expectations. Vertisa has been serving worldwide for 30 years in the manufacture of all kinds of expandable containers for all needs. Developed as a result of the integration of smart technology into the container, the expandable container satisfies its users with much more workspace than meets the eye.

Expandable Container Company

The vision for an expandable container company is the usage sector needs of the container that it will produce. And also; usability, economy, practicality, and user satisfaction. Based on these visions, Vertisa has been working on container manufacturing around the world for a long time. Vertisa, which succeeded in integrating all its experience and the technological developments that it closely follows, has adapted the expandable container to use in different fields and has created container types far beyond expectations. You can contact Vertica’s expert technical team immediately to get more detailed information about these units, which are very practical to install and use.

Expandable Container Price

Expandable containers, which are designed in line with user demands, are not fixed prices. Versa also offers its customers the same guaranteed quality and usability prices. After the cost schedule and payment plan are presented to the users after the projecting phase is approved, the professional manufacturing phase is started. With its timely production team and professional perspective, Vertisa manufactures expandable containers by European quality standards in a short time and safely delivers them to its customers. You can get a quote about expandable container prices by contacting the Vertisa expert finance team right away.