Mobile Solutions

By integrating technology and mobility, Vertisa offers mobile trailer solutions full of advantages for different sectors to the service of users. Expandable trailer models, developed as a result of expert R&D group studies, guarantee ergonomics and practicality to their users. Vertisa modernizes the trailer models used in various fields from past to present and equips them with smart technology, thus maximizing the satisfaction of the users. With its modern mobile trailer solutions, which are frequently used in medical, commercial, and military fields, Vertisa has succeeded in being the company preferred by many countries.

Vertisa Project Based Military Trailer

In the field of project-based military trailers, Vertisa designs and manufactures mobile units based on user specifications. Vertisa, which focuses on producing solution-oriented, quality, and functional mobile units, makes great use of advanced technology while doing this. Project-based military trailer types are produced by Vertisa in a modern sense thanks to its innovative perspective; Mobil military kitchen, mobile armored guard house, mobile command and control station, and more

Vertisa Mobile Military Surgery Trailer

Vertisa provides project-based mobile military surgery trailer production in line with all military needs. The mobile military surgery trailer is a mobile emergency surgical intervention unit used for emergencies in the military field. This mobile unit, which has a very modern interior and exterior design, was developed based on end-user specifications and transformed into a more functional form. Vertisa, which has an innovative perspective, also produces a mobile military surgery trailer with expandable features according to demand.

Vertisa Mobile Military Kitchen Trailer

A mobile military kitchen trailer is a mobile unit suitable for military use, manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based worldwide basis. These mobile units, also known as army field kitchens, can be designed and produced in truck types. The mobile military kitchen trailer, which provides practicality for its users carrying and setting up, provides the ability to take out food for many people. Also for military use, it can be used in disaster areas or social aid activities.

Vertisa Mobile Drone Station Trailer

Vertisa has been designing, designing, and manufacturing mobile drone station trailers for military and civil defense organizations for many years. Used as the control center of armed or unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles, a mobile drone station trailer is a mobile unit that can be easily transported anywhere and are ready for immediate use. The mobile drone station trailer, which is customizable according to needs, can be produced as an expandable feature or as a vehicle.

Vertisa Mobile Criminal Research Lab

The mobile criminal research lab is a mobile laboratory unit used in cases where forensic investigations are produced by Vertisa on a project basis. It does not waste time with its fast portability and easy installation.

Vertisa Mobile Command and Control Trailer

A mobile command and control center trailer is a mobile headquarters manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. In the military field, it allows the control of complex works in civil defense works from a single center. It is designed to have the necessary equipment inside and can be easily transported to the desired location and made ready for immediate use.

Vertisa Truck-Based Mobile Hospital

A Truck-based mobile hospital; is a mobile hospital unit that allows medical services to be provided to war, natural disasters, or regions that lack health infrastructure. Also known as truck-based mobile hospital unit. Vertisa customizes the truck-based mobile hospital according to user needs.

Vertisa Trailer Based Mobile Hospital

Trailer-based mobile hospital; this is a mobile hospital unit manufactured on a project basis within the framework of the country’s health regulations requested by Vertisa. Trailer-based mobile hospital, which has the feature of practical installation and delivery, equips the hospital with Vertisa smart technology. The trailer-based mobile hospital, which is produced with the expandable feature according to demand, offers the most space comfort to its users.

Vertisa Project Based Medical Trailer

Project-based mobile medical trailer is a mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa in line with the specifications of health institutions-organizations. Staying away from mass production, Vertisa concentrates on the production of the customized project-based mobile medical trailer for every need.

Vertisa Mobile X-Ray and Gynecology Trailer

The mobile x-ray and gynecology trailer manufactured by Vertisa is a mobile medical solution that provides unmatched ease of use, and durable and superior quality digital imaging. The mobile x-ray and gynecology clinic, which can be used easily in every region and every climate, is modernized by Vertisa. With the fully customizable mobile x-ray and gynecology clinic, various medical scans can be performed on-site at different locations and offer an early diagnosis. Vertisa mobile produces mobile x-ray and gynecology clinics with expandability according to demand.