Vertisa Mobile Emergency Response Trailer

Mobile Emergency Response Trailer

A mobile emergency response trailer; is a technology-equipped mobile unit developed by Vertisa to respond quickly to situations such as war or natural disasters. Also known as emergency housing trailers. Vertisa can also adapt an emergency response trailer to a mobile command control center as needed. It is equipped with communication technology since communication is important in line with the purpose of use. The mobile emergency response trailer can also be used as a first aid tool. The mobile emergency response trailer, which is also produced in expandable features, incorporates the most modern technology.

Emergency Housing Trailers

Emergency housing trailers; It is a different name used for mobile emergency response trailers. Emergency housing trailers, which have various usage areas, can be used independently or integrated into a facility. Emergency trailers, which are produced on a project-based basis according to demand, are produced by Vertisa in a modern sense worldwide. Developed and manufactured based on the greatest efficiency for life-saving operations in emergencies, the emergency housing trailer has an increasing usage network in many countries. You can get much more detailed information about emergency housing trailers by contacting Vertisa’s expert technical teams immediately.

Emergency Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa benefits from the most modern technology opportunities in the field of emergency trailer manufacturing. The emergency trailer, which has a customizable interior and exterior design for different purposes, is a very important and functional mobile unit for emergencies. The emergency trailer, which is produced in easily transportable structures, can be produced by Vertisa with an expandable feature according to demand. Always displaying an innovative perspective in trailer manufacturing, offering fast, quality, and solution-oriented approaches, and making use of all the possibilities of technology are important criteria for Vertisa.

Expandable Emergency Trailer

The expandable emergency trailer is built on a special trailer type developed by Vertisa based on end-user needs. The expandable emergency trailer, which has a hydraulic expansion feature, can be expanded as desired by controlling it with hydraulic remote control. For this, the emergency trailer is first positioned in a suitable place. Then, one or more of the buttons on the remote control that are suitable for the needs are selected and pressed. That’s all. Within minutes, the expandable emergency trailer is expanded outward from both sides. Thus, the largest space efficiency and greatest working efficiency are achieved for users.

Where is Mobile Emergency Hospital Trailer Used?

The mobile emergency trailer hospital trailer is a fully equipped mobile unit that can be easily used by military, police, or civil defense organizations. It can be used easily in war, natural disasters, or regions where immigrants live. Thanks to its light base material, it can be easily transported to the desired location. The mobile emergency hospital trailer, which has a very robust and resistant structure; can also be used as a mobile command and control center (headquarters) or as a first aid service. Its flexible structure can be fully customized according to the purpose of use and provides significant advantages to its users.


General Features of Mobile Emergency Response Units

In general, the mobile emergency response unit, produced by Vertisa on a project basis in line with user needs and intended use;

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It has the necessary equipment to enable it to be self-sufficient.
  • It is very easy to transport.
  • It has an aesthetic structure interior and exterior design.
  • Other than the standards, the dimensions may differ according to the needs.
  • It has necessary equipment such as internet, power supply, and UPS.
  • It is produced from very high quality, long-lasting material.
  • It provides the most practicality in responding to emergencies quickly.
  • It is very easy to install.