Vertisa Expandable Healthcare Container

Expandable Healthcare Container

Vertisa has succeeded in transforming a 20 or 40-ft container into an expandable healthcare container according to the needs. The worldwide use of expandable healthcare container, which provides the comfort of use in different areas and enables on-site healthcare services, is increasing. Expandable healthcare container is fully customizable to the smallest needs of the healthcare industry and users.

What is an Expandable Healthcare Container?

An expandable healthcare container; They are mobile units designed to provide rapid on-site medical intervention service to the sick and injured in regions where situations such as war or natural disasters are experienced. The expandable healthcare container, which can be used comfortably in all kinds of terrain, climate, and road conditions, is quickly installed in the area where it is needed with hydraulic remote control. Ready for immediate use, these trailer-based mobile units are highly functional in providing continuity to healthcare services.

General Features of Expandable Container House

Expandable container house is another name for expandable healthcare container. Expandable container house developed and manufactured by Vertisa according to end-user needs;

  • It is very easy to transport as it is made of light material.
  • It is quickly expanded and ready for use with the hydraulic remote control.
  • It is manufactured according to the land and climatic conditions of the requested country.
  • It is rescaled according to the need, apart from the standard container dimensions.
  • It is disinfected quickly and easily.
  • Bed capacity varies according to needs.
  • It is produced from stainless steel material.
  • It is positioned to the required area thanks to 4 hydraulic lifts.
  • The roof is galvanized and the solar system can be placed according to need.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • They are self-sufficient mobile units with necessary systems.

Using Expandable Container System

Thanks to the expandable container system, it becomes very practical to get much more working space from the visible container. By integrating the expandable system into a container, Vertisa produces trailers far beyond the expectations of healthcare professionals. The expandable container system, which attracts great attention worldwide, is controlled by hydraulic remote control. After the Healthcare container is positioned in a suitable place, it will be enough to select and press one or more options on the remote control. In a very short time, the expandable container, which is expanded from both sides, becomes ready to be used in a wider working environment. You can contact Vertisa immediately to get more detailed information and offer about Expandable hospital container.

Expandable Healthcare Usage Areas (h2)

Expandable healthcare is mobile hospital units manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. Expandable healthcare;

  • In war environments
  • In areas with epidemic disease
  • In locations where natural disasters occur
  • In areas with missing or no health infrastructure
  • To replace hospital buildings that have become unusable due to various reasons.
  • It can be used to reduce the heavy patient traffic in hospitals.

Expandable Healthcare Container Manufacturing

Expandable healthcare container manufacturing is carried out entirely in line with sectoral and user needs. By embracing its 30 years of container manufacturing experience with technology, Vertisa has succeeded in offering the most functional and economical solution to its customers. It develops high-level projects with its fast, innovative, and solution-oriented approach to the expandable healthcare container demands it has received worldwide. You can get detailed information about our expandable container and other expandable trailer project works by contacting Vertisa immediately.