Vertisa Expandable Hospital Trailer

Expandable Hospital Trailer

Expandable hospital trailer is a mobile hospital unit developed in areas where there is no health infrastructure or in order not to experience any disruption in health work due to any reason. Vertisa modernizes and constantly updates the expandable hospital trailer in line with the needs of the healthcare industry and users. Developed to ensure the continuity of health services, the mobile hospital trailer offers the largest space to its users thanks to its expandable feature.

What is an Expandable Hospital Trailer?

Developed by Vertisa, they are mobile units that are used as an alternative to hospital buildings that have become unusable for any reason or in areas where situations such as war and natural disasters are experienced. Based on the needs of the end users, Vertisa adds the expandable feature to the hospital trailer and offers the largest space and greatest efficiency to its users. The types of clinics and the number of clinics included in the hospital trailer produced on a project basis are determined in line with the needs and demands of the users.

Expandable Hospital Trailer Installation

Developed as a result of the integration of technology and mobility, the installation of the expandable hospital trailer does not waste much time and does not need any physical force. The expandable hospital trailer is controlled by hydraulic remote control. To expand the hospital trailer positioned in a suitable area at the desired rate, it will be enough to select and press one or several different options on this hydraulic control. In a very short time, the hospital trailer is ready for use, with much more workspace than can be seen.

Expandable Hospital Units General Features

Expandable hospital units manufactured by Vertisa in a modern sense;

  • It is portable.
  • It provides the greatest space efficiency with its expandable feature.
  • Its installation is very practical and does not waste time.
  • It has a climate control system, drainage isolation, generator, and communication infrastructure.
  • It can be integrated into existing facilities.
  • Its capacity and other dimensions can be rearranged outside the standards as needed.
  • Provides long-term use.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • It can be used as a full-functioning multi-clinic as well as a private clinic.

Where is the Healthcare Trailer Used?

The healthcare trailer is the alternative name for the expandable hospital trailer. Vertisa healthcare trailer has completed its project-based production for many countries. Healthcare hospitals in general;

  • In war situations
  • In regions where natural disasters are experienced
  • In different locations where epidemics are experienced
  • To complete the inadequate health services due to the demographic structure.
  • It has the opportunity to be used while expanding or renovating the hospital building.

Expandable Healthcare Trailer Manufacturing

Expandable healthcare trailer manufacturing; It is determined for the necessary updates and user needs to ensure the continuity of health services. Vertisa takes into account the climatic and road conditions of the country in which demand is received in the production of Expandable healthcare trailers. Always aiming to provide quality solutions, Vertisa acts with the same vision in the production of expandable healthcare trailers. Offering user satisfaction, reasonable price, and a high-performance guarantee with its 30 years of experience and expert staff, Vertisa has taken its place among the world-renowned trailer manufacturing companies.

Expandable Hospital Trailer Company (h2)

The main goal for an expandable hospital trailer company is to offer the most efficiency to its users in line with the intended use of the trailer it will produce. Vertisa also manufactures expandable hospital trailers in this direction. Vertisa has managed to exceed expectations with the production of an expandable hospital trailer, which is much more useful and economical than an ordinary hospital trailer. For more detailed information and offers about the expandable hospital trailer, you can contact Vertisa’s expert team immediately.