Vertisa Mobile Operating Room Trailer

Mobile Operating Room Trailer

Mobile operating room trailer; This is a mobile unit developed to provide on-site health services. The mobile operating trailer designed and manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of user specifications is a j-fast and practical mobile hospital unit used in cases of war, natural disaster, accident, or when the hospital building becomes unusable. If necessary, it can be integrated into a hospital building with heavy patient traffic. Optionally, it can also be produced within the framework of the expandable feature.

Expandable Operating Room Trailer

Expandable operating room trailer; It is a trailer-based mobile hospital unit that Vertisa offers to its customers by combining advanced technology and mobility. Its installation is provided by hydraulic remote control. To install the Expandable operating room trailer, the operation room trailer is first positioned in a suitable place. After that, the appropriate one from the different options on the hydraulic remote control is selected and pressed. In a short time, the expandable operating trailer will be expanded to the desired dimensions. Thus, the largest space efficiency becomes ready for the service of users. To get detailed information about the Expandable operating room trailer, you can contact the Vertisa expert technical team immediately.

Mobile Surgery Trailer

Mobile surgery trailer It is a mobile surgery unit that Vertisan produces on a project basis, which is generally used in the military field. The mobile surgery trailer, which is manufactured from highly resistant material, has the opportunity to be used in all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions. Mobile surgery trailers can also be produced with expandable features upon request.

Portable Operating Room

The portable operating room is an alternative name for the mobile operating room trailer used by users. The portable operating room is fully customizable and has the necessary equipment to be self-sufficient.

Mobile Operating Theater General Features

The mobile operating theater is another name for a mobile operating room trailer. General features of the mobile operating theater, which enables various medical operations to be performed on-site;

  • It can be easily transported to the required area.
  • It can be produced as expandable according to preference.
  • It is easy to clean and quickly disinfected.
  • It has a HEPA filtration system.
  • The operating room temperature can be adjusted by batteries.
  • It can be used comfortably in all kinds of climates and road conditions.
  • They are ready-to-use units and their installation is practical.
  • It has necessary equipment such as a water system, generator, and UPS system.
  • It can be integrated into a sanitary facility.

Mobile Operating Room Trailer Advantages

Other advantages of the mobile operating room trailer, which allows the necessary operations to be performed by intervening on the patients due to war, natural disaster, or various reasons;

  • Easily portable.
  • It is economical.
  • It provides the greatest space efficiency with its expandable feature.
  • It provides timely medical operations to the sick and injured.
  • The institution does not waste time.
  • It is very practical to clean.
  • It can be integrated into a hospital building or a medical facility.

Mobile Operating Room Trailer Manufacturing

Mobile operating room trailer manufacturing is not mass production. It is produced on a project basis, completely within the framework of user needs. The mobile operating room trailer produced by Vertisa on a project basis is suitable for use in all kinds of fields. Mobile operating room trailer manufacturing, which is carried out by European quality standards, is carried out worldwide by Vertisa. Vertisa has been producing mobile trailer units with quality and reasonable price guarantees in Turkey for many years. You can contact Vertisa, which always acts solution-oriented and attaches importance to customer satisfaction, and get detailed information about mobile operating room trailers and other mobile units.

Mobile Operating Theater Company

The primary target for the mobile operating theater company is healthcare industry requirements and user needs. Vertisa has an expert R&D group that carries out important studies on this subject. Vertisa draws the attention of many countries with its mobile operating theater production, which is constantly renewed and updated as a result of R&D studies. With its fast, professional, and solution-oriented production of mobile trailer units, Vertisa has become a worldwide known mobile operating theater company.