Mobile Medical Trailer

A mobile medical trailer; is a trailer-based hospital unit manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. They can be easily moved to the desired location and are customizable structures within the framework of their areas of expertise. Mobile medical trailer, which was developed to provide on-site health services, are much more cost-effective than traditional clinic buildings. Vertisa, which has an innovative and modern perspective, has integrated the mobile medical trailer with the expandable feature as a result of the expert R&D group studies. Produced by Vertisa within the framework of the expandable feature, mobile healthcare solutions are completely solution-oriented and needs-oriented. In the field of Vertisa medical trailer manufacturing; It produces mobile lab trailers, mobile multi-clinic trailers, mobile dialysis trailers, and more.

Vertisa Truck-Based Mobile Hospital

A Truck-based mobile hospital; is a mobile hospital unit that allows medical services to be provided to war, natural disasters, or regions that lack health infrastructure. Also known as truck-based mobile hospital unit. Vertisa customizes the truck-based mobile hospital according to user needs.

Vertisa Trailer Based Mobile Hospital

Trailer-based mobile hospital; this is a mobile hospital unit manufactured on a project basis within the framework of the country’s health regulations requested by Vertisa. Trailer-based mobile hospital, which has the feature of practical installation and delivery, equips the hospital with Vertisa smart technology. The trailer-based mobile hospital, which is produced with the expandable feature according to demand, offers the most space comfort to its users.

Vertisa Project Based Medical Trailer

Project-based mobile medical trailer is a mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa in line with the specifications of health institutions-organizations. Staying away from mass production, Vertisa concentrates on the production of the customized project-based mobile medical trailer for every need.

Vertisa Mobile X-Ray and Gynecology Trailer

The mobile x-ray and gynecology trailer manufactured by Vertisa is a mobile medical solution that provides unmatched ease of use, and durable and superior quality digital imaging. The mobile x-ray and gynecology clinic, which can be used easily in every region and every climate, is modernized by Vertisa. With the fully customizable mobile x-ray and gynecology clinic, various medical scans can be performed on-site at different locations and offer an early diagnosis. Vertisa mobile produces mobile x-ray and gynecology clinics with expandability according to demand.

Vertisa Mobile Vaccine Transport Trailer

A mobile vaccine transport trailer; is a mobile unit that provides the transport of vaccines that need to be transported nationally or internationally at a certain temperature. It is also called by names such as mobile vaccine clinic, mobile covid vaccine clinic, and mobile vaccine unit.

Vertisa Mobile Quarantine Unit Trailer

A mobile quarantine clinic trailer is a mobile hospital unit used to isolate patients or those who are suspected of being sick in case of an epidemic. Vertisa designs the mobile quarantine clinic unit trailer in line with the needs and manufactures it worldwide. The mobile quarantine unit trailer, which can be adapted to every region and climatic conditions, is equipped with smart technology according to demand and can be produced with expandability.

Vertisa Mobile Ophthalmology Clinic Trailer

Mobile Opthalmology clinic trailer; is a trailer-based mobile unit that provides screening for various eye diseases to populations with inadequate health care services. A mobile Opthalmology clinic trailer is commonly known as a mobile eye clinic trailer.

Vertisa Mobile Operating Room Trailer

Mobile operating room trailer; This is a mobile unit developed to provide on-site health services. The mobile operating trailer designed and manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of user specifications is a j-fast and practical mobile hospital unit used in cases of war, natural disaster, accident, or when the hospital building becomes unusable.

Vertisa Mobile Multi Clinic Trailer

Mobile multi-clinic trailer; It is a mobile hospital unit created by combining different specific health services manufactured by Vertisa under one roof. With the mobile multi-clinic trailer, various health services can be provided at the same time in different regions, thus ensuring that everyone can enjoy health services.

Vertisa Mobile Medical Imaging Trailer

A mobile medical imaging trailer is a mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis, allowing various health services to be provided in different locations. The mobile medical imaging trailer can be converted to different imaging centers according to user needs. The mobile medical imaging trailer, which can be produced in desired dimensions, can also be produced in expandable structures optionally.