Vertisa Modular Bakery Unit

Modular Bakery Unit

A modular bakery unit; is a container-based building designed to be established in military areas, public squares, near buildings such as dormitories, and schools, and in many more areas to produce bread. Vertisa is a world leader in project-based modular bakery unit production by focusing entirely on the needs suitable for all purposes and all areas. The modular bakery unit, which provides the opportunity to produce enough bread for a large number of people, can be configured as a single-layer or multi-layer system. A modular bakery unit, which has all internationally accepted quality control certificates, is produced by Vertisa for many countries.

Modular Container Bakery General Features

The use of modular container bakery, which can be built at a much more affordable cost than a bakery building, is becoming increasingly common. Fully customizable modular container bakery;

  • It is designed in different dimensions according to the needs.
  • It is produced from stainless steel material.
  • It has ventilation and a steam drain.
  • It has equipment such as water installation and an electrical system.
  • It can contain all the necessary equipment for the Bakery.
  • It is provided as a single-storey or multi-storey assembly.
  • No brick or mortar is used in its assembly.

Vertisa in Container Bakery Manufacturing

Vertisa has 30 years of experience and experience in container bakery manufacturing. Vertisa, which provides container bakery manufacturing services worldwide, produces more project-based products away from mass production. Vertisa, which integrates its knowledge and experience with technology opportunities completely based on user needs, always keeps customer satisfaction in the first place. It offers quality, reliability, functionality, and cost-effective guarantees in fully functional container bakery production. Vertisa, which started to produce modular products with the best in its field, continues to do so now. Vertisa has managed to become a sought-after company worldwide with its manufacturing works with the best for the best.

Project-Based Container Bakery

Vertisa creates user-oriented products with project-based container bakery production. Vertisa, which designs, develops, and manufactures special projects from specifications in a short time, also assists in the assembly of your modular structures when necessary. You can get exactly the product you want with the project-based container bakery, which can be completely customized for users’ dimensions, number of units, number of floors, interior, and exterior design. You can contact our relevant technical teams immediately to get detailed information about our project-based container bakery works and to closely examine our sample project works.

Modular Bakery Advantages

A modular bakery, which has various options for its users, also has important advantages. Modular bakery, which is produced by Vertisa on a project basis with high quality;

  • Much more cost-effective than building a traditional bakery.
  • It has the possibility of long-lasting use.
  • Installation and disassembly are practical.
  • It does not need bricks or mortar to assemble and reduces worker load.
  • Its production is completely dependent on user specifications.
  • This is possible when relocation is required.
  • It is produced from fire-resistant material.
  • It can be used easily in any climate.
  • In cases where there is insufficient capacity, a new container unit can be added to the system to increase the capacity.

Modular Bakery Unit Installation Options

A modular bakery unit has the potential to be self-sufficient when used alone. When more than one bakery container is desired to be used together as a complex structure; It can be used as a single-storey modular bakery system by combining them side by side. It can also be used by creating 2, 3, or more floors by mounting them on top of each other. The multi-storey modular bakery unit can be easily installed with the help of a crane. Its installation is much faster and more economical than a normal building.