Modular Solutions

Modular solutions are container-based units developed by Vertisa for different purposes in different sectors and manufactured on a project basis. Vertisa modular has been providing worldwide services for more than 30 years. Configured as single-storey or multi-storey, mobile modular containers can be disassembled from one place and reinstalled in another when necessary. Vertisa, which is in high demand, especially in the field of multi-storey container solutions, customizes each of the modular structures according to user specifications. Modular solutions offered by Vertisa, guarantee quality, longevity, functional, and affordable costs; modular hospital, modular commercial, modular military…

Vertisa Project-Based Military Modular Solution

Vertisa, with its innovative and modern perspective, offers a project-based military modular solution with various hardware and features in the military field. Vertisa, which has become a pioneer in offering project-based military modular solutions based on user specifications and the area to be used, has been serving in Turkey for 30 years.

Vertisa Modular Military Surgery Unit

A modular military surgery unit; is a container-based modular structure that allows surgical interventions for patients and benefits in the military or any natural disaster area. A modular military surgery unit is a fully functional modular unit that can be installed very quickly and at affordable costs.

Vertisa Modular Military Kitchen Unit

A modular military kitchen unit; is a modular structure developed to provide three meals a day of cooking and distribution in the military field. Vertisa manufactures modular military kitchen units for many countries on a project basis. Vertisa, which has extensive production technology, is a pioneer in the production of fully equipped modular military kitchen units that can offer solutions to all needs. A modular military kitchen unit can be produced with desired dimensions and desired features and its construction is completed in a short time.

Vertisa Modular Military Command Unit

A modular military command unit; is a modular structure developed for control and surveillance purposes used by military and civil defense organizations. The modular military command unit, the importance of which is increasing day by day among the needs of the defense industry, is produced by Vertisa on a project basis with high quality and necessary systems and equipment.

Vertisa Modular Drone Station Unit

Modular drone station unit; It is a container-based modular unit designed for the command and control of armed-unarmed or manned-unmanned aerial vehicles. The modular drone station unit is manufactured worldwide by Vertisa with high quality. These modular structures, which are produced on a project basis, are increasingly preferred thanks to their various features and advantages. With the modular drone station unit developed mostly for military and civil protection air operations, complex flights are controlled from a single center.

Vertisa Modular Criminal Research Lab Unit

A modular criminal research lab unit; is a container-based unit developed to collect evidence in case of any forensic investigation. The modular criminal research lab unit, manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis in desired dimensions and features, is much more cost-effective states and has many more functional users. With the modular criminal research lab unit, fingerprints, blood tests, urine tests, ballistic tests and much more can be done.

Vertisa Project Based Modular Hospital

Vertisa has been continuing its project-based modular hospital work around the world for more than 30 years. Vertisa has produced products far above expectations in the production of project-based modular hospitals with various fields of expertise within the framework of international quality standards in compliance with health care regulations.

Vertisa Multi Storey Modular Hospital

A multi-storey modular hospital is a modular structure designed and manufactured by Vertisa according to international quality standards and health regulations of the country to be used. The multi-storey modular hospital has modular clinics belonging to various specialties according to the needs.

Vertisa Modular X-Ray and Gynecology Unit

A modular x-ray and gynecology unit is a container-based hospital unit manufactured by Vertisa. It can be used as many structures or it can be used independently. Vertisa arranges modular x-ray and gynecology unit measurements within the framework of needs. Never compromising on quality and functionality, Vertisa is in a leading position as a world-renowned manufacturer of modular hospital clinics.

Vertisa Modular Quarantine Unit

A modular quarantine unit is a container-based unit manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. It is a fast and practical solution developed to prevent the dense patient population in hospitals in regions where various epidemic diseases are experienced. There is a private toilet and shower for the patient in a modular quarantine unit. It can be used stand-alone or integrated into a complex modular hospital system.