Vertisa Modular Broadcast Unit

Modular Broadcast Unit

A modular broadcast unit; is a container-based unit developed within the framework of radio or television broadcasting specifications. The modular broadcast unit can be installed in a suitable area as a single or multi-storey. Vertisa has been producing modular units in Turkey on a project basis by international quality standards for 30 years. Adding the modular broadcast unit to its modular production, Vertisa has become a worldwide known modular manufacturer company with its high quality, long-lasting, and cost-effective productions.

What are the General Features of Modular Broadcast Container?

Combining its technology knowledge and modular manufacturing experience, Vertisa has achieved success in this field far beyond expectations with modular broadcast container manufacturing. Modular broadcast container produced by Vertisa, which focuses on customer satisfaction and needs;

  • It is produced in different sizes according to the needs apart from the standards.
  • Optionally, it has units such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen, rest, and study room.
  • A single modular broadcast container can also be used standalone.
  • It has ventilation windows and heat-insulated walls.
  • It has electricity, wi-fi and satellite equipment.
  • It has special compartments where necessary equipment for broadcasting can be placed.
  • Multi-modular broadcast container structures can be mounted as single-storey or multi-storey.

Multi-Storey Broadcast Project

The multi-storey broadcast project is designed and produced by Vertisa entirely within the framework of user specifications. When necessary, the multi-storey broadcast project building can be built by Vertisa’s expert assembly team, as well as by the assembly team of related institutions or organizations. Vertisa provides the necessary support training in this regard. The multi-storey broadcast project, which is tested against earthquake or overload, has high-quality security measures and is delivered to its user after passing all necessary tests in this regard.

Vertisa in Modular Based Broadcast Unit Manufacturing

In the field of modular-based broadcast unit manufacturing, Vertisa has been serving many countries for 30 years with its expert team. Focusing on special project-based modular-based broadcast unit manufacturing rather than mass production, Vertisa always considers customer satisfaction. With its innovative perspective and solution-oriented approaches, Vertisa has achieved significant success in the field of modular-based broadcast unit manufacturing.

Project Based Broadcast Unit

With the project-based broadcast unit, it becomes possible to get a modular broadcast unit with the features you want. Vertisa has become a worldwide known modular manufacturing company with its project-based broadcast unit manufacturing works. Length, width, height, number of rooms, container paint type, and color are all designed within the framework of project-based broadcast unit production. The climatic conditions of the requested country and even the area to be used are important criteria for project-based broadcast unit production and are taken into consideration from the project stage.