Modular Commercial Solutions

Modular commercial solutions; are container-based structures designed for various purposes and the needs of various sectors. Commercial modular buildings, which are assembled as single-story or multi-storey, are completely customized within the framework of user demands. In the field of project-based modular commercial solutions, Vertisa has been providing worldwide service in Turkey for a long time with its expert staff. The prefab commercial building, which is produced in a very modern and aesthetic structure, has the potential to serve the purpose for which it was produced. Modular commercial buildings designed by Vertisa within the framework of various specifications and produced in high quality; modular stage and theatre, modular medical waste unit, modular office, modular kindergarten, modular kitchen, and others…

Vertisa Project Based Commercial Modular Unit

Vertisa manufactures the project-based commercial modular unit, which it has designed for use in various sectors, by international quality standards. It works with the best in its field to offer the best modular solution that is always up to date with its innovative perspective. With the project-based commercial modular unit, it is possible to get a unit that will only fit your needs.

Vertisa Multi-Storey Commercial Unit

A multi-storey commercial unit; is a modular structure with a fully customizable structure designed for various purposes in various sectors. Container-based multi storey commercial units can be produced in the desired length, width, and height. Vertisa has been designing, developing, and manufacturing modular multi-storey commercial units worldwide for over 30 years.

Vertisa Modular workshop Unit

  • Steel structure warehouse
  • Plane production workshop
  • Various material production workshop
  • Hangar
  • Agricultural structure
  • It can be adapted to the needs of various fields such as hobby production

Vertisa Modular Toilet (WC) Unit

The modular toilet is produced worldwide by Vertisa on a project basis. Modular toilets, which can be used in various areas such as companies, schools, hospitals, and picnic areas, can be mounted side by side or can be mounted on top of each other to turn them into a multi-storey structure. The modular toilet, which can be divided into male and female, can also be combined with modular shower units.

Vertisa Modular Stage and Theater

Modular stage and theater are container-based modular structures used for various purposes in different sizes depending on the need. It can be installed anywhere easily and quickly. Activities such as various shows, concerts, advertisements, or promotions can be offered with the modular stage and theater for crowded people. A modular stage and theater can also be used for a commercial organization.

Vertisa Modular School Unit

A modular school unit; is a container-based modular unit with a fully customizable structure designed to meet the educational needs of our constantly evolving age. The fully functional modular school unit, which appeals to various education levels such as nursery, primary school, high school, or university, is produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis by international quality standards.

Vertisa Modular Office

A modular office; is a versatile, cost-effective portable workspace designed to expand business services and make office space changeable. Vertisa is the leading modular building manufacturer in Turkey and the world. Vertisa solution offers special solutions for office users for all your needs.

Vertisa Modular Medical Waste Unit

A modular medical waste unit; is a container-based unit developed for medical waste sterilization, manufactured by Vertisa in different sizes within the framework of needs. It can be integrated into the modular hospital facility or it can be used as a stand-alone modular medical waste unit.

Vertisa Modular Marketing Unit

A modular marketing unit; is a modular structure developed to sell a wide variety of materials such as caravans, furniture, accessories, and clothing. The modular marketing unit, which is produced by Vertisa on a project basis, is assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey.

Vertisa Modular Luxury Room

A modular luxury room; is a container-based structure developed for different purposes such as home or office, which are produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis around the world. The modular luxury room, which can be manufactured and assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey depending on preference, has different feature options as well as wide usage options.