Vertisa Modular Luxury Room

Modular Luxury Room

A modular luxury room; is a container-based structure developed for different purposes such as home or office, which are produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis around the world. The modular luxury room, which can be manufactured and assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey depending on preference, has different feature options as well as wide usage options. The modular luxury room, whose length, width, and basic room units are determined according to user demand, is very helpful for both cost and time.

Luxury Modular Homes General Features

The use of modular luxury homes, produced by Vertisa within the framework of international quality standards, is becoming increasingly common. Luxury modular homes, updated over time within the framework of user expectations and demands, and offered in their most functional form;

  • It has basic units such as toilet, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study room.
  • Dimensions are determined according to user demand outside the standards.
  • It has clean water, and a wastewater facility.
  • It has electricity, wi-fi and satellite systems.
  • The walls are heat and sound insulated.
  • It is produced in the most suitable form for the climatic conditions of the country to be used.
  • There is an air conditioning system.
  • It is provided to be assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey.

Installation and Assembly of Multistorey Luxury Room

Multistorey luxury room; It is made ready for use by assembling a different number of container-based modular units on top of each other, depending on the need. Vertisa’s expert assembly team actively provides support for assembly and installation, when necessary. When necessary, the assembly team assigned by the user company is given the necessary short and practical training by Vertisa, and the multistorey luxury room, which is sent as disassembled, is assembled by the relevant company team and made ready for use in a short time. The production and installation phase of the multistorey luxury room can be completed in a very short time, and when necessary, its capacity can be increased by quickly adding a new modular unit.

Usage Areas of Luxury Modern Prefab Homes

Luxury modern prefab homes provide their users with versatile advantages, as well as a wide area of ​​use. Luxury modern prefab homes;

  • Accommodation (home)
  • Working office
  • Accommodation in remote areas such as construction sites
  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • It is a fast and practical solution for different purposes such as dormitories.

Modular Luxury Container Advantages

The modular luxury container, whose usage rate is increasing in many countries, has become very attractive within the framework of the advantages it offers. Some of the advantages of modular luxury containers manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis are;

  • It is much more cost-effective than building a traditional house, hotel, or dormitory.
  • Manufacturing and assembly are very fast.
  • It does not have to deal with materials such as brick and mortar.
  • In case of need, it can be disassembled and moved to another place, and reassembled.
  • Single-storey side-by-side or multi-storey mounting can be provided.
  • It has the opportunity to be used in all climatic conditions.
  • When necessary, the capacity can be increased by adding a new modular container.

Luxury Modular Homes Prices

Luxury modular homes prices; it varies based on preferences and various features, but this difference is not much more than the cost of constructing a traditional building. Vertisa has been producing fully functional modular units on a project basis for 30 years. In this field, it also gives its users the guarantee of quality, reliability, and speed based on affordable costs. Luxury modular homes, which are designed at affordable prices for each customer, are created by our expert financial teams within the framework of convenient payment options. After the approval is received, the production phase is started. You can get detailed information about luxury modular homes prices by contacting Vertisa expert finance teams immediately.