Vertisa Modular Military Command Unit

Modular Military Command Unit

A modular military command unit; is a modular structure developed for control and surveillance purposes used by military and civil defense organizations. The modular military command unit, the importance of which is increasing day by day among the needs of the defense industry, is produced by Vertisa on a project basis with high quality and necessary systems and equipment. Modular military command unit with single or multi-level installation options; It is also called by different names such as police command unit, modular military training unit, military storage unit, prefabricated military buildings and is configured for various purposes.

Police Command Unit

A police command unit is a container-based modular structure developed to control crowded police operations from a single center. A police command unit has the potential to be used alone. The police command unit, which is usually used in multiple units as a single deck or many decks, is manufactured by Vertisa worldwide. Developed entirely within specifications, these modular buildings are both more economical and faster.

Modular Military Training Unit

A modular military training unit is a modular structure that can be used both as a command center and as a military training center. The modular military training unit, which is produced on a project basis, is customized within the framework of the defense requirements of the requested country. Vertisa makes projects based on the demands of users for its capacity, multi-storey or single-storey configuration, and interior and exterior design.

Military Storage Unit

The military storage unit is a kind of modular storage unit produced by Vertisa to be designed in line with needs and demands. It is made of highly resistant material even in harsh climatic conditions. Since the military storage unit is more economical and faster to build than traditional structures, it receives a demand from many countries and states.

Prefabricated Military Buildings

Prefabricated military buildings are container-based military units manufactured as modular structures. Prefabricated military buildings; It is assembled as a single-storey or multi-storey building, consisting of units such as training, warehouse, and command and control center. Vertisa produces high-quality customizable prefabricated military buildings, aiming to produce solutions for every need.

Military Modular Container System General Features

The military modular container system, produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis within the framework of various specifications, has been developed at a level that can fully fulfill the task it undertakes. The military modular container system, which is used for various purposes, is very functional, especially in the execution of complex military and police operations from a single center. Generally a military modular container system;

  • It is customized by the defense industry regulations of the country to be used.
  • It can be used even in harsh climatic conditions.
  • It has the necessary equipment such as internet, satellite, and electricity.
  • The interior design is made in such a way that it can include the necessary equipment for operation monitoring.
  • Optionally, it has basic units such as toilet, bathroom, staff room, and kitchen.
  • It is resistant to destructive situations such as an armed attack, fire, and earthquake.
  • Sections such as storage space and the training unit can be added.
  • It is provided as a single-storey or multi-storey assembly.

Military Modular And Control Unit Usage Areas

Having an important place in the field of country and civil defense, the military modular and control unit has various usage areas. Military modular and control unit manufactured to be solution-oriented to user needs;

  • Operational studies in disaster areas
  • In offshore operations
  • In war situations
  • In large-scale organized crime raid studies
  • It can be easily used for military storage or training purposes.

Modular Defense Industry Unit Advantages

Vertisa has been producing modular defense industry units on a project basis for various countries for 30 years. The use of these container-based modular structures with long-lasting, robust security measures is increasing rapidly around the world. Vertisa follows the technology closely and successfully reflects its knowledge and experience on this subject to the production of modular defense Industry units, as well as the production of all modular units. The advantages of the modular defense Industry unit in general;

  • It is cost-effective. This provides significant savings in the budgets of the states allocated for the defense industry.
  • Its production is quite practical.
  • Its assembly is completed in a much shorter time than a traditional building.
  • It has the option of being used as single or multiple floors.
  • When necessary, it can be dismantled from the area where it is installed and re-installed in another place.
  • Easy to update.
  • A new modular container can be easily added to the modular defense Industry unit when needed.
  • various purposes such as training, warehouse, command, and control center can be added to the modular system at the same time.