Vertisa Modular Ophthalmology Clinic (Modular Eye Clinic)

Modular Ophthalmology Clinic (Modular Eye Clinic)

With this modular structure, also known as a modular ophthalmology clinic, or modular eye clinic, all kinds of eye disease screening and eye surgeries can be performed. Vertisa modular ophthalmology clinic has built modern structures for many countries on a project basis. Each modular ophthalmology clinic can be used independently of its single link or integrated into multiple modular structures. The modular ophthalmology clinic (modular eye clinic), which can also be established as a completely modular facility, can also be configured as a single layer or many layers.

Container Ophthalmology Clinic (Container Based Eye Clinic) Usage Areas

The container ophthalmology clinic, which is produced by Vertisa within the framework of the health regulations of each country, can be installed in any suitable area. A container ophthalmology clinic;

  • It can be used in regions where there is no or lack of health infrastructure.
  • It can be established in regions where undesirable situations such as war and natural disasters are experienced.
  • It can be used during the maintenance, and repair of a traditional eye hospital.
  • It can be used in areas where immigrants live heavily.
  • It can be integrated with a modular field hospital in the military field or it can be set up and used as an eye hospital on its own as a single-storey or multi-storey eye hospital.

Also to these, you can contact our relevant technical teams immediately to get detailed information and offer about the container ophthalmology clinic, which can be established and used as a sanitary facility established for completely special purposes.

Modular Ophthalmology Clinic Manufacturing (Modular Eye Clinic Manufacturing)

Vertisa has been serving worldwide for over 30 years in the field of modular ophthalmology clinic manufacturing. Vertisa specializes in the planning, design, and production of modular structures. Each modular eye clinic, which can be configured in different sizes, is manufactured at the factory. Modular ophthalmology clinic manufacturing is produced by European quality standards and is quickly and practically installed in the desired area as a single or multi-storey. Vertisa offers its customers reasonable prices on these modular structures, which are used for the prevention of dense patient populations and the diagnosis and treatment of early eye diseases. Vertisa, which carries out project-based works instead of fabricated production, gives priority to meeting user needs with its completely solution-oriented approaches.

Project Based Modular Ophthalmology Clinic

With its innovative and modern production team, Vertisa designs develop, manufactures, and assembles the project-based modular ophthalmology clinic in a completely solution-oriented manner. Project-based modular ophthalmology clinic considers the country’s health regulations as well as user specifications in their manufacture. Vertisa, which provides project-based modular ophthalmology clinic production for each institution or organization that is far from mass production, also offers its customers a guarantee of quality, speed, and affordable cost in this regard.


Medical Center Modular Eye Clinic ( Modular Ophthalmology Center) General Features

The modular ophthalmology center is in high demand, as are all modular facilities, the use of which is becoming increasingly common around the world. In general, a medical center modular eye clinic is manufactured on a project basis;

  • It can be customized in desired dimensions.
  • It can be used as a stand-alone container unit.
  • Many eye clinic modules can be combined and used as single-storey or multi-storey complex eye hospitals.
  • It can be integrated with other modular clinics.
  • It has sections such as a waiting room, reception, toilet, and patient examination room.
  • It is adapted according to the climatic conditions of the country to be used. The walls are insulated.
  • It can be moved to another area and re-established when a change of location is required.
  • It has equipment such as water, air, electricity, and wi-fi.