Vertisa Project-Based Field Hospital

Project-Based Field Hospital

Project-based field hospital; It is developed by Vertisa to provide uninterrupted health services to the sick and injured in situations such as natural disasters and wars. Vertisa, which always focuses on user needs and expectations in the field of a project-based field hospital, constantly updates each field hospital unit with its expert R&D group studies. Vertisa, with its innovative, modern, and radical perspective, has been designing, designing, developing, and producing project-based field hospitals worldwide for 30 years.

Project-Based Field Healthcare Importance

Project-based field healthcare ensures that healthcare services continue uninterrupted under any circumstances. Single field healthcare is produced with the potential to be used independently as well. These portable structures, which provide practicability installation, delivery, maintenance, and many other aspects, are an important solution for human life. With a project-based field healthcare system that can be transformed into complex structures and have the necessary units at a level that does not look like a hospital building, you can get a facility dedicated to areas of expertise within the framework of your needs. These structures, which are produced based on specifications, from their dimensions to their interior and exterior design, from patient capacity to other features, are increasingly used all over the world.

Project-Based Field Hospital Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa has been actively serving worldwide for a long time in the field of project-based field hospital manufacturing. Project-based field hospital manufacturing works can be produced optionally as trailer, truck, or container-based. Vertisa produces functional, quality, and cost-effective products in any tube. It continues its activities in full teamwork with its expert R&D group, experienced production team, and engineers. It produces all units on a project basis to produce real solutions by giving importance to the needs and expectations of the users.

Container-Based Field Hospital

The container-based field hospital is designed to respond quickly to the crowded patient and injured traffic in situations such as natural disasters or war. The container-based field hospital, which is constantly updated with advancing technology, is customized and manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of needs. Container-based field hospital can be used as a single-storey complex sanitary facility by being mounted side by side, or it can be used as a multi-storey modular structure by overlapping with the help of a crane. The container-based field hospital, which has undergone safety checks such as fire, earthquake, and flood, allows this when it is configured as a single-storey or multi-storey when it needs to be replaced. It can be dismantled from one place and moved to another.

Project-Based Field Unit Applications

Vertisa project-based field unit takes into account the health regulations of the requested country during the projecting and production phase. These units, which are structured within the framework of various clinics needed, are fast, practical, and very cost-effective. Project-based field unit applications manufactured by Vertisa;

  • Emergency field hospital trailer
  • military field hospital
  • Military field hospital and more.

Project-Based Medical Clinic Advantages

With the project-based medical clinic, you will see that primarily a solution is produced for your needs. Because the project-based medical clinic is configured, developed, and manufactured only for you and your team. Since its establishment, Vertisa has preferred to focus entirely on sectoral or individual needs, away from mass production. The same type of medical clinic cannot offer complete solutions to the need of a different field. Project-based medical clinics are the most functional solution to avoid this negative situation within the framework of their capacity, area of ​​expertise, dimensions, and some other options. These projects, which enable patients and residents to be intervened quickly, are Vertisa’s area of ​​expertise. If you want to have detailed information about all our project-based medical clinic works, you can contact our expert technical teams immediately.