Vertisa Mobile Accommodation Trailer

Mobile Accommodation Trailer

A mobile accommodation trailer is a temporary accommodation facility unit used for different purposes. It is also known as portable accommodation or specialized trailer. A mobile accommodation trailer is designed by Vertisa to have different bed capacities, starting from 2 people. The mobile accommodation trailer, which is fully customizable, can also be expandable according to preference. The interior and exterior design of the mobile accommodation, which can be used as a hotel, a camp, or a dormitory, is aesthetically pleasing.

Portable Accommodation Trailer

A portable accommodation trailer is a highly functional mobile unit produced by Vertisa on a project basis. Its dimensions, capacity, and interior design are designed within the framework of the needs of the users. A portable accommodation trailer, which can be used easily in all climatic conditions, can be used as a hotel, a dormitory, or an accommodation place for workers.

Specialized Trailer (CustomTrailers)

A specialized trailer, also known as a custom trailer, is a mobile unit used for accommodation with different bed capacities. It is designed by Vertisa in line with user needs without sacrificing quality and functionality other than standard sizes. The specialized trailer, which is very practical to clean, maintain, use, install, and transport, is also very cost-effective. When not in use, it can be easily removed and stored in a suitable place. Vertisa can also produce a specialized trailer with an expandable feature upon request.

Expandable Accommodation Trailer

Expandable accommodation trailer; It is a type of accommodation trailer equipped with advanced technology by Vertisa. The expandable accommodation trailer has a hydraulic expansion feature. This feature is controlled by the user with the remote control. Expandable accommodation trailer installation starts with parking the trailer in a suitable place. There is only one thing left to do after that. This is to select the appropriate button from the different options on the remote control and press it. Within minutes, an accommodation trailer is expanded from the sides outward. So users get extra space. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get detailed information about the Expandable accommodation trailer.

What are the General Features of Accommodation Trailer Units?

Accommodation trailers are mobile units with a wide usage area. General features of the accommodation trailer manufactured by Vertisa worldwide;

  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It has an independent bathroom or a shared bathroom.
  • It has rooms such as a kitchen and toilet.
  • It has all the necessary equipment such as a generator, air conditioner, and water facility.
  • It can be used independently on its own.
  • It can be integrated into a facility.
  • Room or bunk bed capacity is designed within the framework of user needs.
  • The bed capacity is increased according to the need, starting from 2.
  • It has heat-insulated walls.
  • It can be produced with or without a veranda.

Usage of Travel Trailer Accommodations

Another name used for mobile accommodation trailers is travel trailer accommodation. Travel trailer accommodations, which are flexible enough to be adapted to user needs;

  • A hotel
  • A motel
  • A retreat
  • A dormitory
  • Accommodation for construction site works
  • Need for extra room for teenagers or seniors
  • Nursing home
  • It can be easily used for many different purposes such as accommodation for holidays.

Accommodation Trailer Manufacturing

Accommodation trailer manufacturing is determined within the framework of user needs. The kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and other rooms are completely designed according to the demands of the users. Vertisa accommodation also considers climatic conditions in trailer manufacturing. Customizes this mobile unit for very cold or very hot regions. Vertisa makes full use of technological opportunities in the field of accommodation trailer manufacturing, which it has realized worldwide. Vertisa, which guarantees its quality, functionality, and solution-oriented approach, also gives the same guarantee of affordable costs and ease of payment.