Mobile school trailer

Vertisa Mobile Training Trailer

A mobile training trailer is a mobile unit designed for training programs to be carried out anywhere. Also known as mobile school trailer. It can be produced in the form of a trailer as well as a vehicle or truck. The mobile training trailer is designed and manufactured by Vertisa by the needs. They are mobile solutions that are fully functional for in-service training programs of various institutions and organizations. Vertisa can optionally produce a mobile training trailer with the expandable feature. This allows users to achieve significant space efficiency.

Mobile School Trailer

A mobile school trailer is a mobile unit developed to provide education services for populations of various ages living in different locations. With the mobile school trailer designed and manufactured by Vertisa in line with the needs, it becomes possible to provide on-site training services even to the most remote corners. Equipped with smart technology by Vertisa in line with the demands, the mobile school trailer offers significant advantages to its users in all aspects.