Mobile School Trailer

Mobile School Trailer

A mobile school trailer is a mobile unit developed to provide education services for populations of various ages living in different locations. With the mobile school trailer designed and manufactured by Vertisa in line with the needs, it becomes possible to provide on-site training services even to the most remote corners. Equipped with smart technology by Vertisa in line with the demands, the mobile school trailer offers significant advantages to its users in all aspects.

Expandable School Trailer

Expandable school trailer is a hydraulically expandable trailer-based portable school that is practically installed in every field where needed. The expandable school trailer is controlled by hydraulic remote control. After the school trailer, which has a compact appearance in motion, is positioned on a flat area of ​​the satellite, the appropriate buttons are selected from the different options on the remote control and pressed. Within minutes, the expandable school trailer expands outwards from the two side walls. With the largest space comfort, both instructors and students have the opportunity to work in this comfortable environment.

What are the Purposes of Mobile Expandable Schools Trailer?

A mobile expandable school trailer is a mobile unit designed to provide uninterrupted and on-site education. The mobile expandable school trailer, which is fully customizable within the framework of user needs;

  • To provide education services to hard-to-reach locations, education and training services
  • To ensure the continuity of education services in areas where various natural disasters are experienced.
  • To be able to conduct the courses given by private institutions or organizations in various fields on site.
  • For purposes such as different applications and activities during holiday periods.
  • It is used for routine education or extra course work for different education levels such as kindergarten, high school, or university.

Custom School Trailer General Features

They are mobile units developed by Vertisa to provide on-site education and training services to those living in regions where education services cannot be fully provided or where this is completely impossible. Custom school trailer general features;

  • It is designed by the education system of the requested country.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It can be produced in desired width and length.
  • Student capacity, number of classes, and other necessary areas are designed according to demand.
  • It is highly resistant to difficult road conditions.
  • It has an air conditioning system.
  • Adaptable to the climate of the requested country.

Mobile School Manufacturing

Mobile school manufacturing is carried out professionally by Vertisa, the world leader in trailer manufacturing. Vertisa, which has been producing completely solution-oriented mobile trailers for various sectors for 30 years, always emphasizes user satisfaction. It always works with the best in its field in trailer-based mobile solutions that are fast, high quality, and reliable. As a result of the work of the expert R & D group, which is not insensitive to the constantly advancing technology, it never compromises on most efficiency and quality by constantly updating its mobile school trailer manufacturing services. Vertisa, which rapidly completes mobile school manufacturing with the greatest performance, suitable for every need, at affordable costs, continues to make its customers smile.