Vertisa Mobile Training Trailer

Mobile Training Trailer

A mobile training trailer is a mobile unit designed for training programs to be carried out anywhere. Also known as mobile school trailer. It can be produced in the form of a trailer as well as a vehicle or truck. The mobile training trailer is designed and manufactured by Vertisa by the needs. They are mobile solutions that are fully functional for in-service training programs of various institutions and organizations. Vertisa can optionally produce a mobile training trailer with the expandable feature. This allows users to achieve significant space efficiency.

What is Mobile Training Trailer Used for?

Mobile training trailer optimized by Vertisa to provide personnel training services in various fields;

  • In military training
  • In simulation training
  • In firefighting training
  • In driver training
  • In production training
  • In computer education
  • It can be used in in-service training programs planned by a company, institution, or organization in various fields.

Educational Truck / Mobile Education Truck

Educational truck, it is aimed to provide special training for those working in a certain field. Also known as mobile education truck. The educational truck, which is within the scope of mobile training vehicles, can be produced in different sizes in line with the needs. It has very high performance in difficult road conditions. The educational truck is much more cost-effective than an onboard course or training building.

Mobile Education Vehicle Trailer

A mobile education vehicle trailer has been developed as a special training vehicle mounted on the back of the vehicle that can be easily transported to the required area. With the mobile education vehicle trailer produced by Vertisa in high quality, it is possible to train personnel in all climatic and terrain conditions. The mobile education vehicle trailer, which is produced at a very affordable cost, is produced worldwide by Vertisa.

What is a Mobile School Trailer?

A mobile school trailer is a trailer unit developed by Vertisa to complete a wide variety of educational programs in the open area. It is an important mobile solution for a broad participation training program. It can easily contain all the necessary equipment for the training program. It can also be used by integrating with a training facility. It has the potential to be self-sufficient when desired to be used independently.

Mobile Educational Trailer Manufacturing

Mobile educational trailer manufacturing is carried out in a way that can fully adapt to the users and the training program to be given. Vertisa has become a worldwide leader in the field of mobile educational trailer manufacturing by working with the best in its field, within the framework of its long-term experience. In particular, it has provided the most efficiency by integrating smart technology into the mobile educational trailer. With Expandable educational trailer manufacturing, it has offered solutions far above user expectations.

Expandable Educational Trailer

An expandable educational trailer is a mobile training unit with maximum performance that allows much more efficiency than a standard trailer. They are ready-to-use mobile units with maximum space efficiency in the military or different sectors. The expandable educational trailer, which is very practical to install, is controlled by hydraulic remote control. For this, the educational trailer is positioned in the desired place on the field. After that, all that needs to be done is to select the appropriate option from the different options on the remote control and press it. Within minutes, the expandable educational trailer turns into an expanded form at the desired rate and is ready for immediate use. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information and offer about Expandable educational trailer.

Mobile Classroom Education Trailer General Features

Mobile classroom educational trailer is another name for the mobile educational trailer. The mobile classroom education trailer, which is produced on a project-based basis within the framework of the desired dimensions and features;

  • It can be carried practically anywhere desired.
  • It is produced in an expandable structure according to preference.
  • Its installation is practical.
  • Necessary equipment for training can be placed easily.
  • It can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • Resistant to harsh road conditions.
  • It has the necessary features such as a generator, water facility, and toilet.
  • It has the potential to be self-sufficient when used independently.
  • It can be integrated into a facility.