Modular Emergency Medical System

Vertisa Modular Emergency Care Hospital

A modular emergency care hospital is a container-based modular system that is systematized within the framework of various clinics and produced in a customizable structure. A modular emergency care hospital can be used as a stand-alone healthcare facility or as a multi-clinic facility. Quick and easy to install, these modular units have the potential to be self-sufficient when used independently.

Vertisa Modular Emergency Response Unit

A modular emergency response unit; is a container-based modular structure designed for early intervention of emergency patients or injured people. The modular container unit can be configured as a single storey as well as a many storey. The modular emergency response unit, produced by Vertisa on a project basis, is completely customized within the framework of user demands. Modular emergency response units, which have modern and aesthetic structures, are modular systems that are becoming increasingly common worldwide.