Mobile Stage and Theater Trailer

Mobile Stage and Theater Trailer

A Mobile shower trailer is a portable mobile unit developed for various organizations. When used independently, the mobile shower trailer produced by Vertisa, which has the potential to be self-sufficient, can be easily transported to any region where it is needed practically. It has all the necessary equipment such as a hot water system, cold water tank, waste water drain, and sink. Up to 10 shower cabins are designed and produced by Vertisa in different capacities.


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Technology Features

Mobile Stage and Theater Trailer

A mobile stage and theater trailer is a portable mobile unit used to present various organizations in front of crowds. The mobile stage and theater, which offers the opportunity to be used easily for a concert, a show, a promotion, or a fair, is completely customized by targeting the needs. Also known as mobile concert stage trailer. The mobile stage and theater trailer, which is one of the Vertisa trailer production works, attracts great attention worldwide and receives many demands. Equipped with smart technology, these mobile units are very functional and economical.

Mobile Theater Trailer / Mobile Theater Manufacturing

A mobile theater trailer is a mobile commercial unit that can be used for different organizations in various venues. It is frequently preferred by users with its fast installation and practical portability. Apart from the standard dimensions, the mobile theatre trailer is designed and produced in different dimensions by Vertisa according to customer demands. It has been continuing its mobile theater trailer manufacturing works by Vertisa in European quality standards for 30 years and provides worldwide service.

Mobile Stage Trailer / Mobile Stage Manufacturing

A mobile stage trailer is a mobile trailer solution that provides the opportunity to easily address the crowd in an organization. With this mobile stage trailer, which can be easily set up and assembled quickly, various concerts, shows and promotions can be held in different venues. Vertisa produces mobile stage trailer manufacturing works on a project basis within the framework of user needs. Whether it’s a standard mobile stage trailer or an expandable stage trailer equipped with smart technology, Vertisa always offers solutions suitable for all kinds of needs with its innovative and solution-oriented perspective in all trailer types.

Expandable Stage Trailer

An expandable stage trailer is a mobile commercial trailer type with hydraulic expandability. The expandable stage trailer, which is often preferred for concerts or outdoor events, is controlled by remote control. After the Stage trailer is positioned in the desired area, it will be enough to select and press the appropriate options from the different options on the remote control. Within minutes, the stage trailer moves away from its compact appearance and expands on both sides, and becomes ready for use with maximum space efficiency. You can contact our expert technical teams for more detailed information about the expandable stage trailer, which is resistant to long-distance and various terrain conditions

Mobile Concert Stage Trailer General Features

Mobile concert stage trailer is another name for mobile stage and theater trailer. With the mobile concert stage trailer, it becomes both economical and practical to present open-air shows and concerts in every venue. In general, the mobile concert stage trailer, which is designed upon user demands;

  • It is produced optionally to include the necessary equipment.
  • It is rescaled outside the standards according to the need.
  • It is very practical to set up and assemble.
  • It has an optionally expandable feature.
  • It has air suspension.
  • It is quite aesthetic in appearance.
  • It is resistant to long distances.

Mobile Stage and Theater Trailer

Mobile stage and theater trailer usage areas designed and professionally manufactured by Vertisa for the intended use;

  • Open air concerts
  • Outdoor shows
  • Open air cinema
  • Fairs
  • Introductions
  • Advertising works
  • Social responsibility projects

The mobile stage and theater trailer, which allows various organizations to be held at affordable costs, was designed by Vertisa for many countries and each project was completed on a turnkey basis. Continuing its activities in Turkey, Vertisa continues to manufacture large-scale trailers with its expert, innovative and productive team. You can contact our expert teams immediately to get detailed information and technical support about the mobile stage and theater trailers and other mobile commercial trailer solutions.




Why Vertisa Modular?

Quality Materials The hospital units supplied by Vertisa Modular integrate the highest level of human engineering with advanced medical technologies and ease of operation.

International Standards We meets the highest international health and military standards approved by world Health Administrations and Defense Forces.

Expert Training We provide training to the staff for the operation and maintenance of these hospital units.

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