Vertisa Mobile Shower Trailer

Vertisa Mobile Shower Trailer

A Mobile shower trailer is a portable mobile unit developed for various organizations. When used independently, the mobile shower trailer produced by Vertisa, which has the potential to be self-sufficient, can be easily transported to any region where it is needed practically. It has all the necessary equipment such as a hot water system, cold water tank, waste water drain, and sink. Up to 10 shower cabins are designed and produced by Vertisa in different capacities.

Shower Trailer Manufacturing and Vertisa

Vertisa advances in the field of shower trailer manufacturing within the framework of its long experience. Vertisa, which offers completely user-oriented solutions, has succeeded in producing the shower trailer, which is needed today, in its most modern form, as a result of the work of its expert R&D group. Equipped with smart technology, the shower trailer offers the largest space efficiency to its users thanks to its expandable feature. The shower trailer, which is manufactured worldwide, can be used in all kinds of areas, even in difficult climate and terrain conditions.

What is an Expandable Shower Trailer?

The expandable shower trailer is a portable shower unit with a hydraulic expandable system developed by Vertisa. The expandable shower trailer, which can be expanded at the desired rate by controlling with hydraulic remote control, offers its users a perfect shower experience with the largest space efficiency. After the shower trailer is placed in a suitable area to be used, the expandable feature is activated by selecting and pressing the appropriate option from the different options on the remote control. Within minutes, the expandable shower trailer becomes ready for use with much more space volume, moving away from the compact appearance. You can contact our expert technical teams for more detailed information about the expandable shower trailer, which is produced within the framework of long-lasting, functional, and maximum space efficiency.

Portable Showers and Toilets

Portable showers and toilets are mobile units that can be used in various places with separate sections for men and women with different capacities. Vertisa produces portable showers and toilets on a project basis in the desired capacity and within the framework of the desired specifications. Portable showers and toilets, which have a very aesthetic appearance, easily adapt to any place and do not cause visual pollution. It has the necessary equipment such as clean water, wastewater, and a hand washing sink. These mobile units, which are made of very light material, can be easily carried anywhere.

Portable Shower Trailer Usage Areas

A portable shower trailer, which is customized within the framework of user demands and the characteristics of the place to be used, has a wide usage area. Some of those;

  • During agricultural, mining, or construction works carried out in remote areas
  • In areas suitable for the homeless
  • In areas where sports activities are held
  • At festivals or concerts
  • In disaster relief
  • In social aid
  • In weddings and invitations
  • Portable shower can be easily installed and used in charitable events.

Mobile Shower General Features

The mobile shower, which has various areas of use, is usually projected within the framework of demands. The mobile shower is manufactured by Vertisa with high quality and affordable costs;

  • Men and women have separate entrances.
  • Sink, mirror, faucet, and ladders are included in the trailer unit.
  • It has important systems such as heating, air conditioning, and plumbing.
  • water heaters are included in the mobile unit upon request.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It has a power supply (generator).
  • It can be combined with the toilet according to the need.
  • It has exhaust fans.
  • It can be used in the long or short term in all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions.
  • It is very practical to clean.
  • All materials and parts used in its manufacture follow European quality standards.