Vertisa Expandable Imaging Trailer

Vertisa Expandable Imaging Trailer

An expandable imaging trailer; is a mobile unit that allows imaging and diagnosis and treatment of various infections or diseases in urban or rural areas. It can be integrated into a hospital building or act as a bridge between hospitals.


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Technology Features

Expandable Imaging Trailer

An expandable imaging trailer; is a mobile unit that allows imaging and diagnosis and treatment of various infections or diseases in urban or rural areas. It can be integrated into a hospital building or act as a bridge between hospitals. This mobile unit maximizes space efficiency thanks to its expandable feature. Vertisa designs and manufactures the expandable imaging trailer according to user specifications.

Expandable Imaging Center

Vertisa has developed the expandable imaging center for the needs of the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals, and patients as a result of the work of its expert R&D group. This trailer-based solution, which can be controlled by hydraulic remote control, brings many more advantages to the workspace-related industry than meets the eye.

Expandable Imaging Clinic

An expandable imaging clinic is an alternative name for the imaging trailer. This mobile unit, which is fully customizable, provides continuity to health services wherever needed. An expandable imaging clinic is even used as an extra imaging center for a hospital. Thus, patient traffic in the hospital is prevented.

Expandable Imaging Trailer Intended Uses (h2)

Expandable imaging trailers; are mobile units developed for the diagnosis, treatment, or monitoring of various medical diseases in different places. Expandable imaging trailers can be converted into various imaging centers that allow the human body to be viewed in different dimensions. An imaging trailer as needed;

  • Ultrasound imaging unit
  • MRI unit
  • Pediatric x-ray unit
  • Tomography unit
  • It can be used as a mammography unit.

Expandable Imaging Trailer Manufacturing

The main goal of expandable imaging trailer manufacturing is to ensure the sustainability of health services and to discover the most practical way to transport health services to even the most remote corners. Acting in line with this goal, Vertisa has succeeded in offering expandable imaging trailers to its customers by integrating its 30 years of experience with technology. The expandable imaging trailer, which is produced by European quality standards, attracts great attention and demand from many countries. Vertisa is a globally recognized expandable trailer imaging manufacturer with its fast, practical, modern, and solution-oriented project work. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the Expandable imaging trailer.

Expandable Imaging Trailer Installation

The expandable imaging trailer manufactured by Vertisa has a system controlled by hydraulic remote control. The imaging trailer, which is installed in a very practical way, is first positioned in a suitable place in the area to be used. After that, all that needs to be done is to select one or more of the options on the remote control according to the user’s needs and press it. Within minutes, the imaging trailer offers a much wider working area to the user with the outward expansion of the side walls. You can contact our experts from wherever you live to get a quote about the expandable imaging trailer, which does not need any physical power and is developed as the most important integration of technology.

Expandable Imaging Clinic General Features

The expandable imaging clinic manufactured by Vertisa trailer on a project basis;

  • It can be carried practically anywhere.
  • It can be equipped with different medical imaging devices as needed.
  • It offers a wider working area to its users in a short time by being controlled by hydraulic remote control.
  • It can be used in all kinds of climate and terrain conditions.
  • It can be cleaned and disinfected practically.
  • It can be projected in different sizes according to user needs.
  • Examination rooms and other complicated rooms are determined according to preference.

Expandable Imaging Trailer Prices

Equipped with advanced technology, the expandable imaging trailer is capable of providing the most suitable solution for all kinds of on-site imaging services. Vertisa has succeeded in being the most preferred company with its affordable price guarantee and easy payment options for the expandable imaging trailer it has manufactured worldwide. You can get more detailed information about expandable imaging trailer sample project studies, prices, and payment options by contacting our expert technical team immediately.




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Expert Training We provide training to the staff for the operation and maintenance of these hospital units.

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