Vertisa Expandable Lab Trailer

Expandable Lab Trailer

Vertisa has developed an expandable lab trailer to provide on-site health services in cases of war, natural disaster, or similar situations. These mobile units, which are called by various names such as expandable lab, expandable lab clinic, lab clinic trailer portable lab trailers, are very practical to install. Equipped as wide as a laboratory building, these units are portable, expandable, and more economical, thus providing versatile advantages to their users. The expandable lab trailer, which has the opportunity to be used comfortably in every region that does not have a health infrastructure, is designed and manufactured by Vertisa in a completely solution-oriented manner for many countries, especially Turkey.

Expandable Lab

Expandable lab; It is one of the special trailer types developed by Vertisa’s expert R&D group. An ideal solution for various field surveys and health screenings, the user’s specifications of expandable labs are Vertisa’s main criteria in developing this mobile unit. The expandable lab, which is designed to be in the desired width and length, is controlled by a hydraulic remote control and provides great advantages to its users with a wider working area in a short time.

Expandable Lab Clinic

Combining technology and mobility, Vertisa has produced an expandable lab clinic to offer a unique experience to laboratory staff. A double expandable lab clinic is a mobile unit that is controlled by remote control and made ready for use in a very short time without any physical effort. The expandable lab clinic, which can be easily transported to the desired location by connecting to a motor vehicle, is designed, developed, and produced according to the needs of its users.

Lab Clinic Trailer

A lab clinic trailer is a mobile unit developed by Vertisa based on the needs of laboratory workers and healthcare workers. Designed for various health screenings or different research and examinations in different locations, the lab clinic trailer provides great advantages to its users with its comfort of use in all kinds of climate and terrain conditions.

Portable Lab Trailers

A portable lab trailer is a mobile laboratory unit designed and developed in different sizes in line with needs. Thanks to its light structure, it can be easily transported to different areas and can be integrated with a hospital if necessary. Portable lab trailer Vertisa creates a wider laboratory environment for users by producing it in expandable trailer form.

Benefits of Expandable Trailer Lab Clinic

  • Although the expandable trailer lab clinic, manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of needs, is known as a stand-alone unit, it can also be incorporated into an existing facility.
  • It can be shipped to any place needed quickly and practically.
  • It does not waste time as units are easy to install and ready for immediate use.
  • It provides the opportunity to prevent patient density in various health facilities.
  • It is much more economical than a laboratory annex building.
  • Provides a bridge service during the maintenance, repair, or reconstruction of a healthcare facility.
  • Expandable trailer lab clinic has the opportunity to perform a large number of tests.

What Tests Can Be Performed on Expandable Lab Clinic Trailer?

The mobile expandable lab trailer offers its users the opportunity to carry out different tests easily at any place. With an Expandable lab trailer;

  • Blood test
  • Diabetes test
  • Thyroid test
  • Pregnancy test
  • It is possible to perform tests such as STD tests.

The lab clinic trailer, which is constantly updated based on the needs of the end users, pleases its users with its expandable feature. Vertisa produces expandable lab clinic trailers for many countries on a project basis.

Expandable Lab Clinic Setup

The expandable lab clinic, which does not need a long time and any physical power, has a system that can be controlled by hydraulic remote control. After placing the Lab clinic trailer in a suitable area, it will be enough to select and press one or more of the options on the remote control. In just minutes, the expandable lab clinic trailer sidewalls extend outward. Thus, a larger and more spacious laboratory environment is ready for users. The expandable lab clinic, which is both economical and very useful, is one of the special productions of Vertica’s 30 years of experience and expert working group. You can contact Vertisa immediately to get detailed information about the Expandable lab trailer.