Vertisa Expandable Office Trailer

Expandable Office Trailer

Expandable office trailer is mobile units that can be customized in line with the specifications of different companies manufactured by Vertisa. An expandable office trailer satisfies its users with its wider working area and increases the working efficiency of the personnel. With the expandable office trailer, employees can both travel and continue their office work wherever they go.

Expandable Trailer Office General Features

Vertisa has created an expandable trailer office that offers the greatest efficiency by reflecting its 30 years of experience and the technology it closely follows into trailer production. Fully customizable expandable trailer office;

  • It can be easily transported anywhere needed by a motor vehicle.
  • Thanks to the hydraulic control, its width can be increased in a very short time.
  • When it needs to be transported by being controlled by remote control, it can be recovered in a very short time.
  • It is produced from high-quality and long-lasting material.
  • Carbon emission is very low.
  • It can be used easily in all kinds of climates and road conditions.
  • More than one office can be integrated into a single trailer as needed.
  • It is much more economical than building an office building.

Expandable Office Trailer Installation

The expandable office trailer installation, which Vertisa provides on a project basis, is very practical. It can be used by easily bringing it to the desired dimensions with the hydraulic remote control without spending too much time and energy on the users. First of all, it is necessary to position the expandable office trailer in a suitable place. Then, it will be enough to press the appropriate button from the different options on the remote control. The expandable office trailer installs itself in minutes and is ready for immediate use. For detailed information about the Expandable office trailer, you can contact our technical team immediately.

What Advantages Does Expandable Office Trailer Offer to Users?

Vertisa designs and manufactures expandable office trailers for all kinds of needs. To users of the expandable office trailer, which it has designed and developed with its expert R&D group and experienced engineers;

  • Provides the advantage of convenience; that is, it is very practical to set up an expandable trailer in all kinds of terrain conditions. It can also be easily transported between regions by a motor vehicle.
  • Provides reasonable price advantage; Owning an expandable office trailer is much more cost-effective than owning an office building.
  • Provides flexibility advantage; An expandable office trailer is a customizable unit that can be re-projected without sacrificing quality and functionality beyond the standards.

Expandable Office Trailer Usage Areas

Developed as a result of the perfect integration of mobility and technology, the expandable office trailer provides maximum functionality advantage to its users. The expandable office trailer is manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis;

  • As a company’s collective staff workspace
  • As a single person’s work office
  • As a construction site office
  • As an extra workspace for an office building
  • It can be easily used for temporary works that offer travel and education opportunities together.

Expandable Office Trailer Manufacturing

Expandable office trailer manufacturing is designed and manufactured entirely based on sectoral and user needs. Vertisa has completed turnkey expandable office trailer manufacturing works for many countries for different purposes. the main target for vertisa; is to provide fast and high-quality solutions, to further develop trailer models with smart technology, and to produce long-term solutions for the needs of its customers. Continuing to work on trailer production in Turkey for 30 years, Vertisa always works with real experts in the field in line with these goals. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get more detailed information about our expandable office trailer or other expandable trailer products.

Expandable Office Trailer Price

Vertisa always satisfies its customers with affordable prices and payment facilities of the expandable office trailer price. Vertisa, which provides project-based expandable office trailer production for many countries, offers its customers the cost and payment plan prepared by the relevant financing team before starting the production work. After obtaining the necessary approval, it starts the production of a high-tech equipped expandable office trailer and completes turnkey project works in a very short time. Since the expandable office trailer, which is fully customizable, has variable prices within the framework of different options, you can get the most reliable information in this field by contacting the Vertisa expert finance team immediately.