Vertisa Expandable Operation Trailer

Expandable Operation Trailer

Expandable operation trailer is a trailer-based mobile unit that has been produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis for many years in line with user requirements and used as a medical intervention tool in the civil or military field. The expandable operation trailer is at a level that will please users with its double-sided expandable feature and most space. The expandable operation trailer, which has ergonomic use in all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions, can be produced in different sizes outside the standards according to the need.

What is an Expandable Operation Trailer?

An expandable operation trailer is a mobile unit equipped with medical intervention equipment that can be easily transported by a motor vehicle to any location where it is needed. It has all the qualities that should be found in the operating room unit of a hospital building. The operation trailer, which offers a wider working area to its users with its expandable feature, is equipped with smart technology by Vertisa. This trailer-based mobile solution, which is constantly updated with expert R&D group studies, is very successful in providing the fastest response service to the sick and injured in environments such as natural disasters or war.

Where to Use Expandable Operation Trailer?

An expandable operation trailer is a mobile hospital unit that can be easily transported anywhere it is needed and is very practical to install. The expandable operation trailer, which is becoming increasingly popular in all countries of the world;

  • War
  • Natural disasters
  • Terrorist attack
  • Accident

In such cases, it makes the medical intervention process fast and practical for the sick and injured. Vertisa offers its customers the guarantee of the greatest quality, functionality, and longevity in the production of operation trailers.

Expandable Operation Trailer Installation

An expandable operation trailer has a compact body during transportation. Positioned in a suitable area, the operation trailer offers much more space volume than can be seen in a short time thanks to the hydraulic remote control. It is enough to install the expandable operation trailer by selecting one or more suitable options from the various options on the remote control and pressing them. You can watch how the operation trailer goes from compact to expandable in minutes. You can contact Vertica’s expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the expandable operation trailer, which offers comfortable use and installation in any required region.

Expandable Operation Trailer General Features

Vertisa, which designs, develops, and manufactures mobile units with different equipment for every need, has also achieved great success worldwide in the field of expandable operation trailer production. This mobile unit was designed as an operating room;

  • It is quite light and easy to transport.
  • It is double-sided and expandable with hydraulic control.
  • It is configured according to the climate of the country to be used.
  • They are ready-to-use units that are very practical to install.
  • It has heat change batteries for the medical intervention room.
  • It has an anti-shake system during medical intervention.
  • It can be easily cleaned and disinfected quickly.
  • It has aluminum or aluminum alloy exteriors.
  • In general, the materials used in its manufacture are highly resistant to corrosion, light, and resistant to strain.


Expandable Operation Trailer Manufacturing & Expandable Operation Trailer Company

For an operation trailer company, expandable operation trailer manufacturing is shaped entirely around the needs of the user and the industry. Based on this, Vertisa manufactures expandable operation trailers with high performance. As a result of the perfect meeting of mobility and technology, the most useful and modern expandable operation trailer is offered for your use. You can get more detailed information about the expandable operation trailer and other expandable trailer models by contacting Vertisa immediately.