Vertisa Mobile Broadcast Trailer

Mobile Broadcast Trailer

Mobile broadcast trailer; It is a mobile live broadcasting tool produced by Vertisa on a project basis. The mobile broadcast trailer, which can be produced in the desired width and length, can also be produced optionally with an expandable feature. With this mobile unit, which was developed within the framework of the needs of the media industry, it is possible to broadcast live even while on the road. A mobile broadcast unit can also be designed and produced in vehicle or truck forms.

Mobile Broadcast Vehicle / Broadcast Vehicle

Mobile broadcast vehicles are mobile units that are designed outside of standard dimensions according to needs and manufactured by Vertisa within the framework of advanced technology. In short, it is also called a broadcast vehicle. This mobile solution, which enables TV and radio broadcasts on-site and simultaneous broadcasting, is in a structure to meet all kinds of needs of users. Mobile broadcast vehicle shows high performance in all kinds of climatic conditions and on difficult road routes. The maintenance of the mobile broadcast vehicle, which is manufactured from long-lasting materials, is also very economical and practical.

Mobile Broadcast Truck

The mobile broadcast truck is a truck-based mobile unit produced by Vertisa on a project-based basis in various sizes. This mobile solution, which saves media sector employees from being dependent on the building and allows simultaneous live broadcasting, can be used easily on all kinds of roads and climatic conditions. The mobile broadcast truck is immediately installed and ready to use. It has a suitable working environment for more than one employee. Vertisa, a very cost-effective mobile broadcast truck, produces it worldwide. You can contact our relevant technical teams immediately to get detailed information about the mobile broadcast truck, which provides the greatest space comfort in which you can place all your necessary equipment.

Broadcast Trailer Manufacturer

A broadcast trailer manbroadcastr needs to save media workers from working in a building and to produce the most functional broadcast trailer with the greatest performance. Broadcast trailer manufacturer Vertisa has produced many broadcast trailers for many countries. Vertisa, which produces mobile broadcast vehicles for user needs by European quality standards, also manufactures this mobile unit with expandable features upon preference. Vertisa has always successfully adapted its technological possibilities to trailer production works with its expert R&D group works and experienced production staff who are truly the best in their field. For a long time, Vertisa has been a pioneer in the production of broadcast trailers worldwide, as in all mobile unit solutions.

What is an Expandable Broadcast Trailer?

The expandable broadcast trailer is produced in a hydraulic expandable structure by Vertisa on a project basis. The expandable feature of the expandable broadcast trailer is controlled by hydraulic remote control. To install this mobile unit at the desired width, the broadcast trailer is first positioned in a suitable place. Then, from the different options on the remote control, the appropriate one is pressed. Within minutes, the mobile expandable broadcast trailer is removed from its compact appearance. The broadcast trailer, which is expanded from the sides outwards, becomes ready for the service of users with the most space comfort. You can contact our relevant expert technical team immediately to get detailed information and offer about this mobile solution, which is installed by only one person within minutes by pressing a button.

Broadcast Trailer General Features

In general, the broadcast trailer is designed to make live broadcasting independent;

  • It can be customized according to your needs.
  • Depending on whether it is produced as a trailer, vehicle, or truck, it can be practically transported to the desired location.
  • It has a satellite and internet system.
  • It has the necessary space for a wall unit on which necessary equipment such as a camera, audio mixer, computer, and check can be placed.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It offers fast and easy installation.
  • It can be used in all climates and road conditions.
  • It can be produced in the desired width by going beyond the standards.