Vertisa Mobile Catering Trailer

Mobile Catering Trailer

A mobile catering trailer is a mobile unit designed to meet food and beverage needs in crowded outdoor events. The mobile catering trailer, which is designed according to the needs in the desired width and length, can also be produced by Vertisa with an expandable feature. A mobile catering trailer is also known as a food trailer.

Food Trailer

The food trailer, which Vertisa provides project-based production for commercial purposes, is a trailer-based mobile solution developed for the need for food in the military field, in crowded outdoor organizations, or in situations where natural disasters are experienced. A food trailer can also be produced in truck form, depending on preference. The food trailer, which can be used easily in all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions, can also be produced within the scope of the expandable feature.

Expandable Food Trailer

The expandable food trailer is a customizable mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa, equipped with a very practical smart technology. For the expandable food trailer installation, the food trailer is placed in the area to be used. Then, one of the different options on the hydraulic remote control, the appropriate button is pressed. That is all. In a short time, the expandable food trailer is expanded at the desired rate and made ready for use with the largest space efficiency. With its expert R&D group studies and professional production team, Vertisa has succeeded in reaching an important position in expandable production to suit every need. You can get more detailed information by contacting Vertisa, which produces expandable food trailers worldwide.

Custom Trailer Food Trucks

Custom trailer food trucks are mobile units designed to meet the need for food in crowded entertainment organizations, natural disaster areas, or crowded working environments. Custom mobile food trucks, produced in desired sizes, are produced by Vertisa in a modern sense. The custom mobile trailer food truck, which is produced in a very aesthetic structure with its interior and exterior appearance, is highly resistant to difficult road conditions and is ready for use when it is delivered to the required area.

What is the Mobile Catering Trailer Used for?

The mobile catering trailer, which was developed to meet the need for food in very crowded environments;

  • In various organizations with wide participation
  • At weddings
  • In engagement ceremonies
  • In graduation organizations
  • In places where there are crowded study groups away from the campus
  • It can be used easily in regions where adverse situations such as war or natural disasters are experienced.

You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about the mobile catering trailer produced by Vertisa using long-lasting materials in European quality standards or to examine our sample project works.

Mobile Catering Trailer Manufacturing (Mobile Food Trailer Manufacturing)

Mobile catering trailer manufacturing (mobile food trailer manufacturing) is carried out by Vertisa using advanced technology. The mobile catering trailer designed for many countries has been completed by Vertisa on a turnkey basis. A large number of people’s food needs can be easily met with the mobile catering trailer, which has features that are not comparable to the kitchen department of buildings such as a restaurant, a house, or a dormitory. Vertisa produces the fully customizable mobile catering trailer by European quality standards.

Custom Mobile Food Trailer (Mobile Catering Trailer) General Features

Custom mobile food trailer (mobile catering trailer) has multi-purpose use and is produced by Vertisa at a level that will provide the greatest performance within the scope of the area and purpose to be used. In general, the custom mobile food trailer is designed by the needs of the user;

  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It is projected in desired dimensions.
  • It can be produced as an expandable mobile trailer optionally.
  • It is in the comfort of a permanent kitchen.
  • Kitchen basic equipment is made of stainless steel.
  • It is set up quickly and is immediately ready for use.
  • It provides the opportunity to work with more than one person.
  • Serving becomes practical thanks to the openable side covers.
  • The inner walls are made of material that does not absorb heat and moisture.