Vertisa Mobile Command and Control Trailer

Mobile Command and Control Trailer

A mobile command and control center trailer is a mobile headquarters manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis. In the military field, it allows the control of complex works in civil defense works from a single center. It is designed to have the necessary equipment inside and can be easily transported to the desired location and made ready for immediate use. Depending on the advancing technology, the mobile command and control center, which has an important place in the defense industry equipment, is constantly updated. In this direction, Vertisa produces mobile command and control trailer with an expandable feature in line with user demands.

Military Mobile Command Center

A military mobile command center is a trailer-based coordination center developed as a result of army specifications. It is manufactured in a way that provides trouble-free use in the military field. Vertisa has produced this mobile unit for many countries, which is designed to carry out crowded operations from a single source in situations such as war and terrorist attacks. You can get more detailed information about the military mobile command center from our expert technical teams by contacting Vertisa, which is still working in Turkey.

Advantages of Mobile Command Center / Police Mobile Command Vehicle

A mobile command center or police mobile command vehicle is very functional for the country and civil defense. Other advantages of this mobile unit, which provides practicality for its user’s transportation, installation, and use;

  • Situations, where highly complex structures need to work together, can be easily followed from a single center.
  • It becomes easier to intervene promptly in the negative situations that arise in the works.
  • It is quite economical compared to a local command and control center.
  • It can be customized according to needs.
  • It is manufactured from solid and bulletproof material.
  • It can also be produced in an expandable structure depending on preference.
  • Collecting all the work in a single center can be done 24/7 thanks to these mobile units.

Vertisa in Mobile Command Center Manufacturing Area

In the field of mobile command and control manufacturing, Vertisa has always had an innovative and solution-oriented perspective. Vertisa, which takes a very sensitive stance on army work and country defense, where human life is in question, carries out productions for the defense industry of the country where it is fully demanded. Vertisa, which designs robust, functional, and practical trailer-based mobile units, can also produce these works in vehicle form upon demand. By making use of advanced technology in the field of mobile command and control center manufacturing, it successfully produced the Expandable command control center and obtained all the necessary certificates in this regard.

Expandable Command Control Center Installation

An expandable command control center is a mobile unit equipped with smart technology developed as a result of the work of the expert R&D group. The expandable commend trailer is hydraulically expandable and controlled by remote control. After the command control center is positioned in a suitable area on the field, it is enough to press one or more buttons on the remote control. After that, within minutes, the expandable command control trailer will be expanded at the desired rate. Thus, the command control center is ready to use with the largest space efficiency.

Mobile Command Vehicle

A Mobile command vehicle is a mobile control center developed for the centralized command and control of complex army, police, or gendarmerie operations. Manufactured in the desired width and length, the mobile command vehicle has high performance in difficult terrain and road conditions. The mobile command vehicle, which is among the military equipment of many countries, is produced by Vertisa by European quality standards.

Police Mobile Command Center

A police mobile command center is a system used for mobile command and control centers for its intended use. The police mobile command center, which is designed to carry out many operations from a single center at the same time, offers a wide working area to accommodate the necessary equipment. This mobile unit, which allows simultaneous audio, video, and image capture, can be easily transported to any place when needed. You can learn everything you wonder about the police mobile command center, which is ready for use immediately, by contacting our relevant expert teams.