Vertisa Mobile Criminal Research Lab

Mobile Criminal Research Lab

The mobile criminal research lab is a mobile laboratory unit used in cases where forensic investigations are produced by Vertisa on a project basis. It does not waste time with its fast portability and easy installation. Thus, situations such as loss of evidence are prevented. A mobile criminal research lab can be customized outside the standards according to need. Known for its innovation-oriented work, Vertisa can also produce a mobile criminal research laboratory with expandability.

Types of Crime Labs

Vertisa professionally designs and manufactures crime lab units, which are frequently preferred by military or police agencies for early response to crime scenes. Types of crime labs usually consist of the following sections;

  • Firearm
  • Controlled substance
  • Toxicology (blood analysis)
  • Hidden prints (finger or footprint, etc.)

Crime lab units manufactured by Vertisa are produced within the framework of these crime labs as needed. Vertisa, which designs trailer-based, vehicle, or truck forms according to needs, produces all types of crime labs by European quality standards.

Vertisa Trailer and Mobile Crime Lab Solutions

Developed by Vertisa in line with the needs of users, mobile crime lab solutions attract great attention worldwide. With mobile crime lab solutions, which military and police agencies use as a crime scene response tool, help research and investigations at the greatest level. With mobile crime lab solutions, which allow various investigations to be carried out without any loss of evidence, a wide range of analyzes and reports such as DNA, drugs, fingerprints, and ballistics can be made quickly at the crime scene.

Mobile Criminal Lab Manufacturing

Vertisa, one of the leading names in mobile crime lab manufacturing, designs and develops mobile units for many countries. Vertisa mobile, which always directs its production activities based on user needs, produces different types of criminal lab units. It focuses on producing fast, practical, and long-lasting mobile units. By following the technology closely, it reflects the knowledge and experience it has gained in this regard to all mobile unit manufacturing works. Vertisa, which has achieved outstanding success in the field of mobile criminal lab manufacturing, continues its worldwide trailer production in Turkey.

What are the General Features of Modern Mobile Crime Laboratory?

Vertisa carries out the production of modern mobile crime laboratories by the requirements of the age by blending the experience gained from the science of technology and mobility. In general, the modern mobile crime laboratory is equipped with smart technology with an innovative perspective;

  • It can be shipped to the desired place quickly.
  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It has the necessary equipment to allow rapid analysis of the evidence.
  • It has different types of options.
  • It has very useful interior equipment.
  • It is made of long-lasting material.
  • It is manufactured with or without armor, depending on preference.
  • It has the comfort of use in all kinds of climates and road conditions.

Expandable Criminal Research Lab

The largest space efficiency is provided with an expandable criminal research lab. Equipped with smart technology, the expandable criminal research lab setup is very practical. The hydraulic expandable feature is controlled by remote control. After the criminal research lab is located in a suitable place, one or more of the buttons on the remote control are pressed. It is the fastest mobile solution for criminal research lab crime scene investigation teams, which can be expanded to the desired extent without losing any physical strength or long time. You can get more detailed information and offers about the expandable criminal research lab by contacting Vertisa’s expert technical teams immediately.