Vertisa Truck-Based Mobile Hospital

Truck-Based Mobile Hospital

A Truck-based mobile hospital; is a mobile hospital unit that allows medical services to be provided to war, natural disasters, or regions that lack health infrastructure. Also known as truck-based mobile hospital unit. Vertisa customizes the truck-based mobile hospital according to user needs. The truck-based mobile hospital, which has been developed to provide comfortable use in all kinds of terrain and difficult road conditions, is produced by Vertisa worldwide.

Truck-Based Mobile Hospital Unit

Truck-based mobile hospital unit is mobile hospital units with flexibility that can be adapted to health care regulations of all countries of the world. With the Truck based mobile hospital unit, it is possible to intervene in the patient population in different locations on site. The truck-based mobile hospital unit, manufactured by Vertisa on a complete project basis, can be produced in different sizes apart from the standards. The truck-based mobile hospital unit, which shows high performance even on climatic and challenging routes, is produced to European quality standards.

General Features of Truck Based Mobile Hospital

Truck-based mobile hospital, which was developed to disseminate health studies;

  • It is produced in desired dimensions.
  • It is very practical to clean and maintain.
  • The clinics that will be included in it are decided within the framework of user needs.
  • It can be adapted according to the climatic conditions of the region to be used.
  • They are immediately ready-to-use units.
  • Its capacity is customized according to needs.
  • It provides a quick response to emergencies.

Truck-Based Mobile Hospital Applications

The applications of the truck-based mobile hospital, produced by Vertissa on a project-based high quality;

  • Mobile mammography truck
  • Mobile vaccine truck
  • Mobile dialysis truck
  • Mobile eye clinic truck and more.

You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get more detailed information and offers about mobile hospital units manufactured in the form of all trucks.

Truck Based Mobile Hospital Manufacturing

Vertisa is a trailer manufacturing company that has been carrying out truck-based mobile hospital manufacturing for every need for 30 years. Turck-based mobile hospital manufacturing continues with its expert R & D group, professional production team, and other experienced employees. The truck-based mobile hospital, which can be projected in the desired width and length, can be easily transported to the required area. Vertisa always guarantees quality, reasonable price, and functionality to its customers in truck-based mobile hospital manufacturing.