Vertisa Mobile Drone Station Trailer

Mobile Drone Station Trailer

Vertisa has been designing, designing, and manufacturing mobile drone station trailers for military and civil defense organizations for many years. Used as the control center of armed or unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles, a mobile drone station trailer is a mobile unit that can be easily transported anywhere and are ready for immediate use. The mobile drone station trailer, which is customizable according to needs, can be produced as an expandable feature or as a vehicle.

Drone Mobile Command Vehicles

Drone mobile command vehicles are mobile units used as control and coordination stations of various aircraft manufactured by Vertisa on a project basis within the framework of needs. The drone mobile command vehicle, which is customized to the desired width and length, shows high performance in all kinds of terrain and difficult road conditions.

Vertica’s Mobile Drone Command Station Manufacturing

Vertisa has been carrying out mobile drone command station manufacturing activities for many countries for more than 30 years. It has completed all the mobile drone command station requests it has received on a turnkey basis. Vertisa, which follows the technology closely, reflects its knowledge and experience on this subject in its mobile drone command station manufacturing activities as well as in all trailer production works. By never giving up on quality and functionality, Vertisa, which offers mobile units equipped with smart technology to its users, has increased the standards in this field by producing expandable drone command centers. Vertisa, which designs military mobile units for various purposes in trailer-based, vehicle, or truck forms, always focuses on producing the best, the most ideal, and the most durable. Continuing its work on mobile drone command station manufacturing completely based on user specifications, Vertisa continues to manufacture project-based military units worldwide in Turkey.

What are Expandable Drone Command Centers, and How to Install them?

The expandable drone command center is a drone control station with the largest space efficiency, which is revealed as the perfect meeting of technology and mobility. Thanks to its hydraulic expandable feature, it offers much more than its compact and standard dimensions to its users. expandable drone command centers are controlled by hydraulic remote control. First of all, the drone command center is placed in a suitable place on the field. After that, one or more of the options on the remote control are selected and pressed. Within minutes, the expandable drone command center is expanded at the desired rate. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed technical information about the expandable drone command center, which is very practical and functional.

How Does Mobile Tactical Command Center Work?

Mobile tactical command center; Another name for mobile drone station trailer. This mobile unit; is an ideal solution for command and control of armed or unarmed aircraft, thanks to the necessary equipment in a mobile vehicle. Air operations are controlled simultaneously via mobile drone stations. No matter whether wide or narrow space, the mobile drone station offers the opportunity to intervene quickly. Mobile drone stations have become important equipment for units established for military or public safety. Since it has all the necessary systems such as Wi-fi and UPS systems, it can be used easily in the field for a long time. In order not to be caught by any radar scanning, it is produced in the desired color and feature.