Vertisa Mobile Dialysis Trailer

Mobile Dialysis Trailer

A mobile dialysis trailer is a mobile unit that provides on-site treatment to dialysis patients. Vertisa mobile focuses on the greatest efficiency and functionality by equipping the dialysis trailer with advanced technology. The mobile dialysis trailer, which is specially designed within the framework of the user and other requirements, is professionally produced by Vertisa. It is very practical to set up and transport.

Expandable Dialysis Trailer

An expandable dialysis trailer is produced by Vertisa on a project basis in line with user demands. An expandable dialysis trailer is the most ideal mobile trailer solution for the comfort of healthcare workers and patients with the largest space efficiency. To install an expandable dialysis trailer controlled by hydraulic remote control, after the dialysis trailer is placed in a suitable area, it will be enough to select and press the appropriate option from the different options on the remote control. Within minutes, the expandable dialysis trailer is expanded at the desired rate. Thus, dialysis patients can be served wherever needed in a larger and more spacious environment.

Mobile Dialysis Clinic

Mobile dialysis clinic is one of the alternative names used for mobile dialysis trailers. It is a very successful trailer-based mobile solution for on-site dialysis treatment for kidney patients living in areas far from hospitals. Vertisa mobile dialysis trailer clinics produce worldwide by European quality standards.

Mobile Dialysis Truck

In line with the needs and demands, a mobile dialysis unit can also be produced in the form of a mobile dialysis truck. Project-based production is provided by the mobile dialysis truck Vertisa, which can be easily taken to the desired location. You can contact Vertica’s expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the mobile dialysis truck, which has the necessary equipment to be self-sufficient.

Mobile Dialysis Unit Features

Mobile dialysis units are mobile hospital units developed to provide on-site dialysis treatment to kidney patients in different locations. Other features of the mobile dialysis unit with quality, reliability, and a cost-effective guarantee;

  • Patient capacity can be increased by up to 8 dialysis chairs.
  • It has hydraulic expandability according to demand.
  • It has a dialysis nurse station.
  • Details such as bathroom for disabled patients, and patient lift for wheelchair or stretcher are determined according to demand.
  • Hepa has filtration, air conditioning, water, and power systems.
  • Its installation is very practical.

In Which Situations Is Dialysis Trailer Used?

Vertisa develops the dialysis trailer as a result of expert R&D group studies and presents it to its users in its most modern form and fully functional. Dialysis trailer, which is an important mobile solution unit in various situations;

  • It is used in the renovation process of an existing sanitary facility.
  • It is used to train health workers.
  • It is used to serve kidney patients living in areas far from hospitals.
  • It is used by registered dialysis nurses to provide dialysis services to patients.
  • It is used for the on-site treatment of kidney patients in prisons.
  • It is suitable for use in the treatment of kidney disease, which is very critical in areas where natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes disrupt the health infrastructure.

Mobile Dialysis Manufacturing

Mobile dialysis manufacturing is carried out to optimize the health sector and healthcare workers’ specifications and continuity in healthcare services. Vertisa has completed all project works on a turnkey basis by approaching the mobile dialysis requests received from many countries quickly, with high quality, and completely solution-oriented. To prevent any interruption in medical studies, mobile hospital units, all of which are functional, are produced by Vertisa on a project basis, equipped with advanced technology. You can contact our specialist departments immediately to get more detailed information and offers about mobile dialysis manufacturing and the manufacture of other mobile solutions.