Vertisa Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer

Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer

A mobile dental clinic trailer is a mobile hospital unit that provides extensive and on-site treatment of dental care and dental diseases. The mobile dental clinic trailer, produced by Vertisa on a project basis, can be used easily in all kinds of terrain and climate conditions and allows more than one patient to be examined at the same time. It can be produced in expandable types according to preference and offers the largest space efficiency to its users.

Mobile Dental Clinic

With the mobile dental clinic, it becomes very practical to be able to scan for dental diseases in areas that lack health services infrastructure. Combining technology and mobility perfectly, Vertisa mobile equips the dental clinic with advanced technology. Especially with the expandable dental clinic, users who get a larger and more spacious working area will be more than satisfied with it. Vertisa successfully manufactures mobile dental clinics worldwide on a turnkey basis.

Expandable Mobile Dental Clinic

An expandable mobile dental clinic is a mobile unit produced by Vertisa based on the specifications of healthcare professionals. The expandable mobile dental clinic setup, which can be controlled by hydraulic remote control, is very practical. For this, first of all, the compact dental clinic is positioned in a suitable place on the field. Then one or more suitable buttons on the remote control are selected and pressed. In minutes, the expandable mobile dental clinic self-assembles and changes from a compact appearance to a larger area form. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about the expandable mobile dental clinic produced by Vertisa on a project basis.

Dental Clinic Trailer General Features

Dental clinic trailer; This is a portable hospital unit that is completely user-oriented. The dental clinic trailer, which has all the necessary equipment to be self-sufficient, can be customized according to the demands. A dental clinic trailer;

  • It is much more economical than a clinic building.
  • Optionally, expandable production is provided.
  • It can be easily transported to any area needed.
  • It can be integrated into a sanitary facility or used independently.
  • It can be built on trailer chassis of different sizes.
  • It is designed by the programs of dentists.
  • It has different dimensions such as 20, 40, and 53ft.
  • Its capacity can be increased up to 10 dental chairs.
  • It has necessary departments such as a waiting room, examination room, and sterilization room.

Custom Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer

A custom mobile dental clinic is a mobile unit designed and produced for users of different sizes and features. Thanks to its light body structure, it can be easily transported to any area needed by a motor vehicle. Custom mobile dental clinic trailer produced by Vertisa to suit every need and with high quality;

  • For rural and remote communities
  • For schools
  • For immigrant communities
  • For populations receiving medical attention
  • For prisons
  • It offers the possibility of use for correctional facilities.

Project-Based Mobile Dental Clinic

With project-based mobile dental clinic manufacturing, Vertisa aims to produce mobile dental clinics equipped with smart technology for all kinds of needs. Vertisa, which stays away from mass production and focuses entirely on user demands, focuses on bringing together important critical components for its customers in project-based mobile dental clinic manufacturing. Vertisa produces special mobile dental clinic trailers for users on a project-based basis, so that the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases can be carried out on a large scale and while doing this, high efficiency in all aspects.

Mobile Dental Clinic Trailer Manufacturing

Mobile dental clinic trailer manufacturing is carried out by Vertisa on a project basis for the needs of the health sector and users. Mobile dental clinics upon your requests; produces in the form of a van, a truck, or a trailer. With its 30 years of experience and expert R&D group studies, Vertisa is a worldwide known trailer manufacturing company that keeps a constant record of mobile dental clinic trailer manufacturing. You can get detailed information about mobile dental clinics suitable for your needs and examine our sample project studies by contacting Vertisa, which continues its trailer production studies in Turkey within the framework of quality, solutions and needs, and technology.