Vertisa Mobile Military Kitchen Trailer

Mobile Military Kitchen Trailer

A mobile military kitchen trailer is a mobile unit suitable for military use, manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based worldwide basis. These mobile units, also known as army field kitchens, can be designed and produced in truck types. The mobile military kitchen trailer, which provides practicality for its users carrying and setting up, provides the ability to take out food for many people. Also for military use, it can be used in disaster areas or social aid activities.

Mobile Military Kitchen Usage Areas

With the mobile military kitchen, it is possible to cook and distribute hot meals to many people. Mobile military kitchen, which can be produced in different types and different features according to preference;

  • In the war environment
  • In military operations in areas far from the union
  • It can be used easily in regions where natural disasters are experienced.

Military Kitchen Manufacturing

Vertisa mobile uses advanced technology in the field of military kitchen manufacturing. In this direction, the military kitchen equipped with smart technology can be produced with hydraulic expandable features according to preference. Again, in line with user demands, Vertisa can also produce a military kitchen unit in truck form. The military kitchen, manufactured by European quality standards, is an important mobile solution to meet food needs in all kinds of terrain and harsh climatic conditions.

Expandable Military Kitchen

The expandable military kitchen is one of the mobile units optimized by using advanced technology. Military kitchen with the hydraulic expandable feature is produced by Vertisa on a project basis for many countries. The installation of the expandable feature controlled by the remote control is very practical. For this, the military kitchen trailer is first deployed to a suitable area on the field. Then, the appropriate buttons from the different options on the remote control are pressed. The expandable military kitchen can be expanded to the desired dimensions without spending any physical effort and without wasting a long time. The expandable military kitchen, which is ready for users with the largest space efficiency, can be used easily like a fixed kitchen.

Military Kitchen Turck

A military kitchen truck, which is designed and manufactured according to their needs, can be produced in the desired length and width. The interior and exterior design of the military kitchen, which shows high performance in difficult road conditions and any climate, is designed in a very modern way. It is possible for more than one person to work in a military kitchen truck at the same time. You can contact Vertica’s expert technical teams for more detailed information about the military kitchen truck, which is manufactured from high-quality, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant materials.

Military Field Kitchen (Military Field Kitchen) General Features

A military field kitchen is a mobile unit that is suitable for military use and provides on-site food needs. Also known as a military field kitchen. Military field kitchen professionally manufactured by Vertisa;

  • It is very practical to set up and use.
  • It has equipment such as a water tank and generator.
  • Since it has wheels, it can be shipped to the required area.
  • It is manufactured to be resistant to all kinds of climate and road conditions depending on the purpose of use in the military field.
  • It is produced in the capacity to include all kinds of kitchen equipment.
  • It is customizable. This means the length and width are designed according to your needs.
  • It has an optionally expandable feature.
  • The inner production material is resistant to oxidation that may occur due to steam.
  • It has ventilation windows.