Vertisa Mobile Hospital

Mobile Hospital

Mobile hospital; These are mobile hospital units manufactured by Vertisa that allow various medical treatments to be provided on-site in situations such as war or natural disasters. It is also known by different names such as mobile healthcare, mobile hospital clinic, or mobile hospital unit. With its technology-integrated production approach, Vertisa constantly updates its mobile hospital units and develops them in line with the needs of health services. In this direction, it has succeeded in transforming the standard mobile hospital into the most functional form with the expandable mobile hospital, which it manufactures on a project basis.

Mobile Healthcare

Mobile healthcare is mobile units that enable healthcare services to be provided in various fields. Mobile healthcare units, each of which can be used individually, can be combined and used as more complex structures. Mobile healthcare, which can be integrated with a hospital in case of need, is produced by Vertisa in high quality on a project-based worldwide basis.

Mobile Hospital Clinic

A mobile hospital clinic is a mobile hospital unit that has medical clinics in various specialties. It allows medical studies to be carried out in regions where sanitary services are inadequate or absent. With the mobile hospital clinic, which has different clinic units, various health services can be provided wherever needed. Thus, it is ensured that the entire population can enjoy health services.

Mobile Hospital Unit

A mobile hospital unit is a mobile hospital unit that allows various medical scans to be performed at different locations. These fully customizable mobile units are designed and produced from scratch by Vertisa, completely within the framework of needs.

Mobile Hospital Manufacturing (Mobile Hospital Fabrication)

Mobile hospital manufacturing (mobile hospital fabrication); is constantly updated within the framework of the needs of the health sector. Vertisa carries out studies focused on the greatest functionality and quality in line with the work of the R&D group specialized in mobile hospital manufacturing. At the same time, each mobile hospital fabrication is carried out within the framework of fully customized trailer types. Vertisa mobile hospital units, which always give priority to demands and needs, can be produced in truck or trailer form as well as with expandable features.

Mobile Hospital Truck

A mobile hospital truck is a highly resistant mobile unit in difficult terrain and road conditions. Vertisa produces mobile hospital trucks for all needs with its expert manufacturing staff and experienced project design team. Vertisa offers its users the necessary service after delivery with the guarantee of affordable cost, quality, and fast delivery. You can contact our expert technical team immediately to get more detailed information about the mobile hospital trucks.

Expandable Mobile Hospital

An expandable mobile hospital is a mobile hospital unit with the largest space efficiency, developed as a result of the perfect meeting of advanced technology and mobility. The expandable mobile hospital has hydraulic expandability. With remote control, it is ready to serve its users with a much larger area than its compact appearance in minutes. After the mobile hospital trailer is positioned in a suitable place, it will be enough to select and press the options on the remote control that suit your needs. Both healthcare professionals and patients feel as if they are in a hospital building thanks to these comfortable mobile units.

Mobile Hospital Concept

Vertisa, which produces the mobile hospital concept completely within the framework of user specifications, has been continuing to serve worldwide for 30 years. Mobile hospital concept general features;

  • It is expandable according to preference.
  • It is quite cost-effective.
  • They are practical mobile medical solutions in situations such as emergencies, war, or natural disasters.
  • The clinics that will be included in it are structured for specialty areas that are suitable for the needs.
  • It is produced by European quality standards.
  • It is customized to follow the health regulations of the requested country.
  • It can be produced in different sizes other than the standards, according to the needs of truck-based productions.
  • Thanks to its light body structure, it can be easily transported anywhere.
  • It has a structure that can be integrated into a hospital building.
  • It has all the necessary systems to be self-sufficient when used independently.