Vertisa Mobile Intensive Care Trailer

Mobile Intensive Care Trailer

A mobile intensive care trailer is a mobile hospital unit developed by Vertisa to the health regulations of many countries. The mobile intensive care trailer can be easily shipped to the desired area when needed and is immediately ready for use. It is in a structure that can be integrated into the hospital building when necessary. Vertisa designs the mobile intensive care trailer in line with the needs and manufactures it with an innovative perspective.

Custom Mobile Intensive Care Trailer

Custom mobile intensive care is a mobile hospital unit manufactured by Vertisa according to the health sector and user specifications. The custom mobile intensive care trailer, which is produced from very high quality and long-lasting materials, can also be expanded according to preference. It is like the intensive care service of a hospital and can be used easily in any area and any climate. Thanks to this mobile unit, health services continue their continuity.

Expandable Intensive Care Trailer

Expandable intensive care trailer is a mobile hospital unit equipped with smart technology by Vertisa on a project basis according to user needs. The expandable intensive care trailer with a hydraulic expandable system is controlled by remote control. To expand the intensive care trailer placed on the appropriate site to the required level, it is enough to choose the appropriate option from the remote control. Within minutes, the expandable intensive care trailer expands from the sides, providing the greatest space for its users. You can contact the Vertisa expert technical teams immediately and get more detailed information about the expandable intensive care trailer.

Mobile Intensive Care Unit Trailer General Features

The mobile intensive care unit trailer developed by Vertisa according to end-user requirements offers significant advantages to its users. Thanks to its important features, it provides stability in the continuity of health services. Mobile care unit trailer general features;
  • It can be easily moved to the required area.
  • It has hydraulic expandability according to need.
  • It is easily disinfected.
  • Bed capacity is projected according to need.
  • It has the necessary details such as integrated power, HEPA filtration, air conditioning system, plumbing, and intrusion alarm.
  • There is a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
  • It has rooms such as an operating room, dressing room, post-operative follow-up room, and reception.

Mobile Intensive Care Trailer Advantages

Mobile intensive care trailer provides its users with advantages in various aspects. Some of those;
  • It facilitates rapid access and early intervention to the sick and injured in emergencies.
  • It can be integrated into a hospital building, thus reducing heavy patient traffic.
  • Its entire surface provides excellent infection control.
  • The operating room temperature can be easily adjusted with the air conditioner.
  • It provides the largest space efficiency with its expandable feature.
  • It does not waste much time for installation.

Mobile Intensive Care Trailer Manufacturing

Mobile intensive care trailer manufacturing is shaped in line with the needs of the healthcare industry. Vertisa closely follows the constantly developing technology and modernizes the mobile intensive care trailer accordingly. Vertisa, with an innovative perspective, customizes the mobile intensive care trailer for every need. Thanks to these mobile units equipped with smart technology, early intervention is possible for the sick and injured in war, natural disaster, or any similar situation.

Mobile Intensive Care Trailer Price

The mobile intensive care trailer price is determined within the framework of user needs. The payment plan, created by the Vertisa expert finance team, is notified to the customers before proceeding to the manufacturing phase. After the approval is received, the production phase of high quality is started by the production staff who are experts in their fields, and the turnkey project work is completed as soon as possible. You can contact the Vertisa finance team immediately and get more detailed information about mobile intensive care trailer prices and favorable payment terms.