Vertisa Mobile Kindergarten Trailer

Mobile Kindergarten Trailer

A mobile kindergarten trailer; is a mobile school unit that can be easily transported and quickly installed wherever needed and is increasingly being used around the world. It is very functional because it is much more cost-effective and portable than a standard school building. Vertisa mobile kindergarten trailer has developed the environmentally friendly mobile kindergarten for the dissemination of educational services or for use in crowded areas where more classrooms are needed. The mobile kindergarten trailer, also known as the portable classroom or classroom trailer, is optionally produced as expandable.

Portable Classroom

A portable classroom is practically carried to different places and made ready for use quickly. The portable classroom, which is designed in different dimensions within the framework of needs, can provide educational support to rural areas as well as integrate into a school building. The number of classes and other requirements of this fully functional mobile unit, which can be removed when not in use, is designed within the framework of user needs.

What are the Dimensions of a Portable Classroom?

Portable classroom dimensions, which are completely determined in line with user demands, are carried out for the largest efficiency and functionality. Vertisa contributes greatly to the sustainability and dissemination of education services with its portable classroom manufacturing activities around the world. Portable classroom measures integrated with smart technology;

  • 36’ x 24’ portable classroom
  • 49’ x 14’ portable classroom
  • 54’ x 14’ portable classroom
  • 40’ x 24’ portable classroom
  • 68’ x 24’ portable classroom
  • 70′ x 28′ portable classroom
  • It is designed in different sizes such as 68′ x 56′ portable classrooms and manufactured in European quality standards.

Classroom Trailer

An alternative name for the mobile kindergarten trailer; is the classroom trailer. The classroom trailer produced by Vertisa within the framework of different designs in different sizes is adapted to the education system of the requested country. The classroom trailer is environmentally friendly, allowing educational services to be provided in different locations or to meet the need for more classrooms in a school building. The classroom trailer, which can also be produced in expandable form upon request, is at a level that can contain all the necessary equipment for both teachers and students.

Expandable Kindergarten Trailer

An expandable kindergarten trailer has a compact appearance while being transported to the required area. Yet, when the installation is completed, they are mobile units that become ready for use in a short time within most environments. Expandable kindergarten hydraulic controlled by remote control. After the Kindergarten trailer is placed in a suitable area, it is enough to select and press the appropriate one or more options on the remote control. Within minutes, the expandable kindergarten trailer is expanded at the desired rate. With the expandable kindergarten manufactured in different sizes, both students and teachers feel like they are in a school building. You can contact our expert teams immediately to get an offer and detailed information about the Expandable kindergarten trailer.

Classroom Trailer Manufacturing

Classroom trailer manufacturing is carried out by Vertisa with a focus on the greatest efficiency and usability. While doing this, Vertisa, using advanced technology and 30 years of experience, projects classroom trailer types specific to each user. With its innovative perspective, professional project design, design, and production staff, Vertisa carry out classroom trailer manufacturing works that are most suitable for user demands. Customer satisfaction is the most important goal for Vertisa, which constantly updates itself and analyzes the ever-changing sectoral needs in Classroom trailer and all other trailer manufacturing works.

Project-Based Kindergarten Trailer

Project-based kindergarten trailer is shaped within the framework of producing mobile units that can be used independently or integrated, produced within the framework of user specifications. With the project-based kindergarten trailer, each customer can have the kindergarten trailer that suits him best. Different sizes, different class designs, and different colors are determined according to the demands in project-based kindergarten trailer production. vertisa is a professional trailer manufacturing company that has been in the sector for 30 years and has served many countries in project-based kindergarten trailer production. To have the project-based kindergarten trailer that best suits your needs, you can contact Vertisa immediately and get technical support from our experts.