Vertisa Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Mobile Kitchen Trailer

Mobile kitchen trailer; This is a mobile unit designed for victims of war or natural disasters, luxury restaurants, and packaged food brands. It is also known as a cooking trailer, field kitchen trailer, or portable commercial kitchen. It was developed by Vertisa to meet food needs quickly in crowded environments. Vertisa, which produces mobile kitchen trailers worldwide, leads the sector with its innovative and completely solution-oriented approaches.

Cooking Trailer

Cooking trailer is one of the alternative names used for mobile kitchen trailers. The cooking trailer, which is produced in fully customizable structures, can be easily transported anywhere it is needed and food can be prepared for crowded communities.

Field Kitchen trailer

A field kitchen trailer is a mobile unit that can be used independently, produced from long-lasting materials, and can be customized according to all kinds of needs. It has much more useful equipment than a kitchen should have, and it is cost-effective. The field kitchen trailer, which offers practicality to its user’s installation and transportation, is the fastest mobile kitchen solution that can be used in military areas, places where disaster victims are, or in organizations with large participation.

Portable Commercial Kitchen

The portable commercial kitchen is a mobile kitchen unit that shows high performance even in difficult terrain and road conditions. It becomes possible and practical to prepare meals for many people in a short time with the portable commercial kitchen. Vertisa designs the portable commercial kitchen in different sizes within the framework of needs. Vertisa, which does not compromise on the speed, quality, and cost-effectiveness of all mobile commercial solutions, has the same vision for the potable commercial kitchen. You can contact our expert technical teams immediately to get more detailed information about portable commercial kitchens and other mobile commerce solutions.

Mobile Kitchen Trailer General Features

The mobile kitchen trailer, which is produced at a self-sufficient level, can be adapted according to the characteristics of the land and climate to be used. In general, the mobile kitchen trailer provides convenience to its users in every way;

  • It is cost-effective.
  • It can be carried practically anywhere it is needed.
  • It has fast installation.
  • It is made of stainless and easy-to-clean chrome or steel material.
  • Dimensions can be stretched according to need.
  • Produced in expandable form, optionally.
  • It has a special generator that can be used immediately when needed.

Commercial Mobile Kitchen Trailer

The commercial mobile kitchen trailer, which allows for meeting the food needs of a large number of people on site, is produced by Vertisa on a project basis. The commercial mobile kitchen trailer, which is fully customizable, has an unlimited range of options. Each piece used in its manufacture complies with European quality standards and is highly resistant to corrosion. A commercial mobile kitchen trailer is optionally produced with the expandable feature.

Expandable Kitchen Trailer

The expandable kitchen trailer is very practical for users to use, transport, and install. The expandable kitchen trailer, which is produced on a project-based basis with hydraulic expandability, is expanded with hydraulic remote control. After the kitchen trailer, which has a compact appearance, is positioned in the area to be used, the one or more options available on the remote control are selected and printed. After that, within minutes, the kitchen trailer is made ready for use with the largest space efficiency, expanded from the sides. The expandable kitchen trailer, which does not must any physical power in its installation, has all the necessary systems for a kitchen.

Expandable Kitchen Trailer Manufacturing

Expandable kitchen trailer manufacturing is carried out by Vertisa entirely within the framework of user specifications. The expert project design department serving within Vertisa prepares the most suitable projects according to user needs. With its professional and experienced engineers and production team, Vertisa places customer satisfaction above all else and directs its expandable trailer manufacturing activities accordingly. Vertisa, with its innovative perspective, presents the expandable kitchen trailer to its users as a result of the perfect combination of technology and mobility. Vertisa is a pioneer in the field of expandable kitchen trailer manufacturing, which has achieved its targeted customer satisfaction as a result of quality and smart technology-equipped trailer production studies.