Vertisa Mobile Medical Imaging Trailer

Mobile Medical Imaging Trailer

A mobile medical imaging trailer is a mobile unit manufactured by Vertisa on a project-based basis, allowing various health services to be provided in different locations. The mobile medical imaging trailer can be converted to different imaging centers according to user needs. The mobile medical imaging trailer, which can be produced in desired dimensions, can also be produced in expandable structures optionally.

Expandable Medical Imaging Trailer

Combining advanced technology experience and mobility, Vertisa manufactures expandable medical imaging trailers for the healthcare industry worldwide by European quality standards. An expandable medical trailer is a mobile hospital unit that can be set up quickly and easily by being controlled by hydraulic remote control. To expand the medical imaging trailer, which is positioned in a suitable place, at the desired rate, it is enough to select one or more options on the remote control and press it. The expandable medical trailer, which provides the greatest working space, can be equipped with different medical screening equipment according to the need.

Mobile Medical Imaging Trailers Application Areas

Mobile medical imaging trailers greatly contribute to the provision of various examination, screening, and treatment services in areas that lack health services infrastructure and in areas where adverse situations such as war or natural disasters are experienced. The application areas of this mobile unit, which brings together various medical imaging centers or can be used as a single medical screening unit;

  • Mobile MRI unit
  • Mobile radiology trailer
  • Mobile Ct-Scan
  • Mobile ultrasound unit
  • Mobile mammography unit and more.

Mobile MRI Unit

The Mobile MRI unit is a mobile clinical unit that can be integrated into the mobile medical imaging trailer, allowing the necessary scans to be made on the sick and injured in emergencies. The mobile MRI unit is integrated into the mobile medical imaging trailer according to needs and demand.

Mobile Radiology Trailer

The mobile medical imaging trailer can be fully converted for the need for a mobile radiology trailer. With the mobile radiology trailer, which can be easily transported to any area needed, X-ray scanning can be easily performed on-site.

Mobile CT-Scan Trailer

The mobile medical imaging trailer manufactured by Vertisa can be converted into a mobile CT-scan trailer upon request. Thus, on-site intervention for errors that need CT-scan operation becomes fast and practical.

Mobile Ultrasound Unit

An ultrasound unit can also be found under the umbrella of the mobile medical imaging trailer. With the mobile ultrasound unit, various ultrasonographic scans can be performed quickly and practically in regions where there is no health infrastructure.

Mobile Mammography Unit

The mobile medical imaging trailer may also include a mobile mammography unit. Thus, screening for breast cancer for patients or individuals with potential diseases in different fields becomes economical in every respect.

Mobile Medical Imaging Trailer Dimensions

Mobile medical imaging trailer dimensions are re-designed and manufactured by Vertisa based on user needs outside the standards, without compromising on quality. Mobile medical imaging dimensions; It increases according to the number of imaging center units desired to be included in the mobile trailer. This mobile medical imaging trailer also positively affects patient capacity. You can contact the Vertisa expert technical team immediately to get detailed information about mobile medical imaging trailer dimensions, which can be adapted to all kinds of needs.

Mobile Trailer Solutions & Mobile Medical Imaging Trailer Manufacturing

In the field of mobile trailer solutions, Vertisa offers mobile trailer solutions that exceed the expectations of its customers. With its expert R&D group studies and professional production department, Vertisa carries out mobile medical imaging trailer manufacturing worldwide. Mobile imaging trailer manufacturing is carried out entirely in line with the needs of the user and the health sector. The mobile trailer units that Vertisa produces in a modern sense have a guarantee of quality, longevity, and reasonable price. Wherever you live in the world, you can get detailed information about mobile medical trailers and other mobile trailer solutions by contacting Vertisa’s expert technical team immediately.