Vertisa Mobile Mammography Clinic Trailer

Mobile Mammography Clinic Trailer

A mobile mammography clinic trailer is a mobile unit equipped with smart technology by Vertisa, which allows breast cancer to be detected in different regions. The mobile mammography clinic trailer, which can be produced in an expandable structure according to preference, can be easily transported and quickly installed wherever needed. The mobile mammography clinic trailer, which enables to provide better quality health services by providing more patient examinations, is optimized by Vertisa in parallel with the constantly advancing technology.

Expandable Mobile Mammography Trailer

Expandable mobile mammography trailer is mobile mammography units that have been developed by Vertisa in line with the specifications of the healthcare industry, providing the largest space efficiency. To install the Expandable mobile mammography trailer; First of all, the mammography trailer is positioned in a suitable place on the field. To adjust this mobile unit, which has hydraulic expandability, to the desired width, one of the different options on the hydraulic remote control is pressed. That is all. Within minutes, without any physical effort, expandable mobile mammography transitions from a compact appearance to a much larger area form. Thus, healthcare professionals and patients enjoy a wider environment.

Mobile Mammogram

Mabil mammogram is a short name for a mobile mammography trailer. With the mobile mammogram, which is completely updated according to user needs and manufactured by Vertisa in its most modern form, breast cancer pre-screening can be easily performed in areas that are deprived of health services or where health services are disrupted. You can get detailed information and offers about all the mobile units you need by contacting the relevant specialist units of Vertisa, which produces mobile mammograms and many other mobile hospital units.

Mobile Mammography Unit Usage Areas

A mobile mammography unit is a mobile imaging unit that provides breast cancer screening for patients or patients with potential in different locations. Mobile mammography units have various features as well as many advantages.

  • It can be used easily in all kinds of terrain.
  • It can be easily moved to the desired place.
  • It has all the necessary systems to be self-sufficient.
  • It has a lead-insulated imaging chamber.
  • It can be produced as expandable according to preference.
  • It can be integrated into a hospital building.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Mammography Clinic?

Mobile mammography clinic trailers are mobile units developed within the scope of health services. The advantages of mobile mammography, which can be customized in line with the needs;

  • It is much more economical than building a mammography clinic.
  • Provides the greatest use of space thanks to its expandable feature.
  • It provides early diagnosis opportunities to people who live in the region deprived of health services and have the potential to be ill.
  • It is used as a more imaging unit as it can be integrated with a hospital. Thus, heavy patient traffic can be avoided.
  • It does not waste time as it is easy to install and transport.
  • It can be used independently in any region needed.

Mammography Trailer Manufacturing

Vertisa mobile carries out its mammography trailer manufacturing activities worldwide by European quality standards. Always designing solution-oriented mobile units, Vertisa never compromises on quality and sophistication. It makes continuous progress in the production of mammography trailers and other mobile units by always following the technology closely. The user can successfully convert a trailer or a truck into a mammography unit in line with their demands and needs. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, Vertisa has been working with the best in its field for 30 years.